Top 10 iOS Apps That Teach Kids How to Code


Coding is one of the top skills to have in 2022. It’s a no-brainer that you’d want your kids to start acquiring the skill from a young age. And yes, before you ask, kids can learn how to code from a young age. Or at least, understand the basics of coding.

In this post, we’ll take you through 10 iOS apps that can teach your kids how to code. You should read through.

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kids how to code

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iOS Apps to Teach Kids How to Code

1. Kodiri: Learn to Code Today

Kodiri allow people to learn coding skills while playing a series of challenges against others. The games are created by industry experts and handles a wide range of analysis and stats. Some supported languages, libraries, and frameworks include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Vue, e.t.c

App Rating: N/A
Download Kodiri Here.

2. CodeSpark Academy

This app on iOS helps kids between the age of 4 – 10 to learn how to code by solving puzzles. They teach the basics of computer programming through puzzles, games, creative projects, printables, and other interactive activities. There are also personalized daily activities based on the child’s progress.

App Rating: 4.4
Download CodeSpark Academy Here.

3. Code Karts – Pre-Coding Logic

Code Karts introduces kids from the age of 4 to pre-coding activities. These activities are presented through logical puzzles in the form of a raceway. Code Karts’ activities is meant to help sharpen their problem-solving skills and enable them to understand the decimal system.

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App Rating: N/A
Download Code Karts Here.

4. Tinkerblocks

For kids aged 6 and above, Tinkerblocks is a paid app on the App Store that helps them learn the concept of coding. It tries to make users understand coding concepts such as Commands, Parameters, Functions, Loops, Conditions, Types, Bugs fixes, and so on. And makes sure the process is fun.

App Rating: N/A
Download Tinkerblocks Here.

5. Hopster Coding Safari for Kids

This app is an animal-themed, pre-coding logic game. It helps kids to learn the fundamentals of coding. This is done by presenting them with a series of logic problems to solve – mostly getting different animals to where they need to be. The game is big on computational thinking.

App Rating: 5.0
Download Hopster Coding Here.

6. Kodable

Kodable teaches your kids everything they need to know about computer science. It takes them from scratch to learning JavaScript. Kids, ideally aged 4 – 10, can play and create their own games. The app can also be leveraged by teachers.

App Rating: 5.0
Download Kodable Here.

7. Tynker

This app houses different educational games that teaches kids how to code through fun games like flying drones, mod Minescraft, controlling robots, e.t.c. Over 60 million kids use Tynker to learn to code.

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App Rating: 4.7
Download Tynker Here.

8. Hopscotch Programing for Kids

They call it “a bite sized introduction to coding”. Users can code whatever they want with kid-friendly programming and also have access to a community where others can play and learn from each other. There are also free code lessons for educators.

App Rating: 4.0
Download Hopscotch Here.

9. Encode: Learn to Code

Encode is a free app to learn tech skills like Python, JavaScript, Swift, using command-line, website building, data analysis, querying databases and so on. Lessons on Encode are self-paced and well explained. The real-world examples help to build-up your coding skills.

App Rating: 4.9
Download Encode Here.

10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a learning app for almost anything you want to learn – coding inclusive. While it isn’t tailored to only kids, you can check out video lessons on computer programming on this app. From reviews, Khan Academy lessons are the right fit to take your knowledge from scratch upwards.

App Rating: 4.7
Download Khan Academy Here.

There you have 10 app to teach your kids how to code. Let us know in the comments section which one you use and how it’s going.

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