Enable reverse scrolling on your Chromebook touchpad

Let me ask you this; when you swipe up on your touchpad, where do you expect the page to move? Up or down? Well, if you’re like me, I expect the page to move down when I swipe up. However, this is not the default behavior on Chromebooks. So when I started using a Chromebook as my daily driver, this is one of the first settings I had to change.

Reverse scrolling is muscle memory to me coming from Windows and Linux background. Thankfully, you can change the default trackpad/touchpad behavior to what you want; whether that’s leaving it as is — that is the page moves up when you swipe up or change it so that the page moves up when you swipe down.

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To change how your touchpad works, go to Settings > Touchpad and then toggle the Enable reverse scrolling on. Besides reverse scrolling, you can also turn on and off tap-to-click, tag dragging and touchpad acceleration.

Settings > Devices > Touchpad
Turn on/off reverse scrolling


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