How to Generate a Kuda Bank Statement from Your App


Being the bank of the free, there are so many things the Kuda Bank app allows you conveniently access. One of these includes generating a Kuda Bank statement online. A bank statement is a summary of all account transactions within a set period. This contains all deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and account information. 

Bank statements are a way to check how financially responsible you are. Most institutions use this to confirm if you can afford a certain purchase. For example, when you’d need to take a mortgage or a loan. Your statement is also a way to track your spending and monitor any mistakes or fraudulent activity on your account.

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After the recent Kuda Bank account statement redesign, every account transaction is now labeled with a date, time, and type. It also has the account details of the sender/receiver along with the narrations of the transaction.  Finally, this statement comes with a proof of authenticity which is a bank stamp.  In this article, we’ll show you a step-by-step process on how to get a Kuda Bank statement from the app. Keep reading. 

How to Generate a Kuda Bank Statement

  • Login to your Kuda Bank App
  • On the navigation panel located at the bottom of your screen, tap on ‘More’
  • Next, tap on Statements & Reports
  • Choose the time frame you want a statement for
  • Select what format you’d want it in. Kuda allows you to get bank statements as a PDF or Excel Sheet
  • Once you’ve checked all the boxes, tap on ‘Get
  • You’ll get a display notification that lets you know that your bank statement will be sent to your email address. 

And that’s how to get your bank statement. Do note that Kuda Bank will only create an account statement when there’s at least one transaction within the date range you select. Although some other banks typically send monthly account statements via email, this is the only way to get a statement on Kuda Bank for now. 

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