Here’s How to Send files between your Android TV and Smartphone

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Our Smart TVs are more capable than ever and of the myriad of Smart TV operating systems and platforms, Android TV and now, Google TV seem to be commanding a lion-share of the market. And for good reason. Android TV is a pretty capable platform.

Over the period of ownership and operation of your TV, you will come across instances where you need to share files between your other devices like your PC or smartphone and your Smart TV.

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In this post, we shall look at one quick method of sending files between your Android TV and your Android smartphone using a simple app dubbed Send Files to TV. Let’s quickly dive in.

Send files to TV from your Smartphone

Well, first things first, you want to install the required app on both your Android TV and your Android smartphone. To do this, open Play Store on both your TV and your Android phone and search for ‘Send Files to TV’. Below is a link to the app.

send files to tv
  • Open the app on your TV and select Receive
  • On your phone, go select the files you’d like to send to your TV and hit Share.
  • In the resulting window, select Send Files to TV and select your Android TV from the list
select send to tv
  • The files will be sent over

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Send files to your Smartphone from your Android TV

The process is equally simple. Simply open the app on your phone and select receive.

  • Open the Send Files to TV on your Smart TV and select Send.
  • A pop-up window will result, allowing you to navigate through the TV’s internal storage.
  • Navigate through and select the files you’d like to send to your phone.
send to tv
  • Select the phone you’d like to send the files to and that’s it.

Worth noting is that, this procedure only works when both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You might also want to disable any VPNs if you’re connected to one for this to work.

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