How to Check and Remove Devices Registered to Your Amazon Account

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If you are fully immersed in the Amazon smart ecosystem, you will find yourself interacting with quite a number of smart Amazon devices; smart displays (Echo show) for the bedside or kitchen, smart speakers (Echo dot) for the living room, the Amazon shopping app on your smartphone, etc. If you have lost count of the number of devices registered to your Amazon account, Amazon gives you the option to check it out. Also, if, for any reason, you need to deregister a particular device from your Amazon account you should read this article. We will be showing you how to check and remove devices registered to your Amazon account.

How to Check and Remove Devices Registered to Your Amazon Account

  • Sign into your Amazon account (web).
  • Tap Account & Lists at the top-right corner
  • Next, click Content & Devices.
  • Then, click on Devices, and all the devices that are connected to your Amazon account will be displayed here – alongside any app connections too.
  • You can then tap on a group of devices to view their details.

Here’s how to deregister any device from your Amazon Account;

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  • First, you’ll need to click a device name.
  • Then, tap on Deregister to remove it from your list.
  • Once you do that, the device will be automatically deregistered from your Amazon account.

Finally, another method to deregister all devices connected to your Amazon account is to change your Amazon account password. Once you do that, all devices linked to your Amazon account would be forced to sign in again. You can then go ahead and link your preferred devices to your Amazon account.


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