IFTTT: FAQs, Use cases, and Dev Guide Before Getting Started

Have you ever wanted to automate some of the boring and repetitive social media tasks? Let’s say you want to automatically upload your Instagram pictures to Dropbox, send a tweet from another social platform, or receive alerts and notifications if your robot stops working. IFTTT is the go-to solution that allows you to sync, automate, and integrate different services to achieve a common goal.

Over 700 apps, services, and devices (and millions of their users) rely on IFTTT for their most essential integrations. Discord, Dropbox, GitHub, SalesForce, Stripe, Slack, and Robot are some of the companies that are using IFTTT integrations.

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What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is a leading connectivity platform that helps millions of people and thousands of businesses turn their products into integrated, connected services. We created a standard, low-code way for various apps and services worldwide to communicate.

IFTTT derives its name from the programming conditional statement “If This, Then That.” What the company provides is a software platform that connects apps, devices, and services from different tech companies in order to trigger one or more automation involving those apps, devices, and services.

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How does it work?

The clue to how IFTTT works is actually in its name – If This Then That – though the process is broken down into Services, Applets, Triggers, Actions, and Queries and it’s available as a web app, on android and iOS.  

Services are the apps and devices that you connect using IFTTT, such as Twitter, Dropbox, or your smartphone, while the word Applet describes how these Services will interact under automation.  I will be writing another article on how you can do some integrations with this tool.

Is IFTTT free to use? 

Well the answer to this, is Yes & No at the same time. There are three tiers to IFTTT: Free, Pro, and Pro+. 

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On the Free plan, you can enable up to five Applets. Either create them yourself or choose from the millions of published Applets that have already been made. The Free plan has no subscription fees.

IFTTT Pro lets you keep 20 Applets, use the fastest Applet speeds, access multi-action Applets, and contact customer support. It costs £2.10/month. 

Then there’s Pro+. This plan lets you access all of the above, use queries and filter codes, access developer tools and connect multiple accounts. IFTTT Pro+ users can also have unlimited Applets and get prioritized customer support when something goes awry. The most expensive plan is priced at £4.20/month.

Does IFTTT require coding?

IFTTT is one of the easy-to-use automation tools out there. I would just recommend it to anybody that wants to link up social media accounts or automate work processes; though it can do both equally well. You really needn’t bother with any coding skills to get rolling with IFTTT.

Is IFFTT safe to use?

Yes, you can trust IFTTT and it is safe to use, though some applets may create security or privacy issues. You should always be cautious when connecting two apps together.

As aforementioned, many notable companies have found IFTTT useful and that means it has been tested and approved. You too can get started with the basic five integrations that are available for free by connecting with your Google Account.

IFTTT Applet

IFTTT Examples: Usecases

Here are some of the available use cases and how you can integrate IFTTT into your day-to-day productivity lifestyle.

  • Tweet Your Instagram Shots.
  • Tell Alexa to call your device.
  • You can tell Google to Find your Phone.
  • Learn When the ISS Is Overhead.
  • Talk-to-Text Using Google Assistant & Android.
  • Tweet Your Facebook Status Updates.
  • Quickly Create Events in Google Calendar.

Developer Corner

IFTTT was founded as a way to give everyone the ability to use the dynamic power of coding, without having to code. If you want to use code, you can utilize their advanced features in Pro+ to access filter code, do conditional logic, and publish your own API.

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IFTTT exposes and expands the reach of your API to an ecosystem of 25M users, thousands of developers, and over 700 services. Pro+ gives you access to our Platform.

Visit this page to get started as a developer.


One of the key aspects of IFTTT is that you don’t need to know how to code to create automation with IFTTT and I will be writing an article on how to use, and create some basic automation with their free version.


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