Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept Phone’s DSLR Lens Support Explained

Most smartphones today all have flexible rear camera systems, featuring the main camera, ultrawide camera, and telephoto shooter. Unfortunately, you can’t attach different lenses to these cameras as you would to a DSLR camera. Xiaomi has announced the Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept phone which allows you to attach a Leica camera lens module to the rear camera.

This concept device has a second one-inch sensor, one that is not covered by its own lens (but is covered by sapphire glass for protection). This allows the user to attach Leica M mount lenses, opening the door for (semi-)professional use.

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The sapphire glass was added to protect the onboard lenses from scratches and marks that can come from the screw motion when attaching compatible Leica M-series lenses. It’s not fully clear just what camera sensor is being used, but we are led to believe that the same Sony IMX989 1-inch sensor is being utilized once again.

The wide variety of lenses is combined with an advanced camera app that supports focus peaking, zebra lines, a histogram, and other tools that photographers have come to expect. And 10-bit RAW support, of course.

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Hypothetically, this innovation and concept of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra draw nearer to the photography capacities of a regular DSLR camera. Here is a video that introduced this 5G Concept phone;

As displayed in Xiaomi’s video above, to install an interchangeable lens onto this 5G concept phone, you should initially unscrew the security ring around the back camera island, then, at that point, via a connector, you’ll have the option to mount any Leica M lens.

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Unfortunately, Xiaomi said that this tech will stay an idea and a concept for now and the device will not be accessible or available for commercial purposes. In any case, this is an extreme and innovative way to deal with smartphone photography and we shall keep you updated on any progress and information. Do let us know in the comment section if you would buy such a device.


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