Opera Max 3.0 Latest Version Is a New Smart Assistance For Facebook And More Apps


Opera has rolled out a 3.0 version update for  Opera Max Android app. Opera Max is a free app that extends the life of your data plan by up to 50%, this app was launched in November 2015, focusing on bandwidth and data consumption, with the company touting the free app as a way for Android users to save money. The 3.0 version comes with several features including  support for Facebook data savings, new UI, and data management tools.

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Data is the fuel of people’s digital life today. However, most smartphone users are afraid of
overspending their mobile data because of the expected data charges.With this new version,
Opera Max will become your Android smart assistant, giving you more power to put your data usage
and app privacy under your control. These advanced features are very powerful but now super easy
to use with our all new Max 3.0 design. They will empower Android users to do more on the mobile
  Sergey Lossev, Head of Opera Max at Opera, Said


Whats new  in the  3.0 Opera Max Update

  • Opera Max offers a savings tool for Facebook, keeping engaged without data wastage and have the benefits of a VPN connection.
  • The new version comes with data compression tool that extends your time on Instagram, YouTube and more.
  • The Opera Max tracks your apps’ data usage,  provides advice on how to reduce data wastage-saving your and how to protect your privacy.
  • The detailed data and privacy risk reports give you more power over managing your apps.
  • Opera Max will now report on external security threats when connected to WI-FI -Fi to ensure users’ personal information is protected.
  • In addition to data saving, the new version  helps save your money  by limiting or restricting apps that consumes a lot of data


Just in case you want to check  out the new features, install latest version of Opera Max from Google Play here Opera Max

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