10 Best Non-Book Gift Ideas for Bookworms

gift ideas for bookworm

Book lovers will always choose to have new books. However, if you’re unsure of what type of books they’ll love, you might have to settle for other products you’re sure they’ll love. Since there are different types of book readers, it’s hard to know what type of book they’d want. 

Unfortunately, this also affects the types of gifts they’d appreciate. For example, organized bookworms would want to make annotations, comments, journals, quotes and more. Another type of bibliophile would prefer to have everyday items that show how much they love books. 

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Irrespective of what type of reader you want to purchase an item for, here are ten solid gift ideas for bookworms we’re sure they’d love. 


One gift that never runs out of style is a bookmark. With it, they can constantly remember how thoughtful you are whenever they read. There are different types of bookmarks available. Just be sure to get one that matches their personality. Here are a few we recommend; 

  • 30 pieces of antique sword bookmark for $8.99
antique bookmark for bookworm
  • 120 pieces of animal bookmark for kids and animal lovers at $11.99
animal bookmark
  • 5 Monolike magnetic garden plant bookmarks for $6.99
  • Bookmark with tassel for ladies at $9.99
tassle gift ideas for bookworms
  • 48 pieces of Christian scripture bookmarks with bible verses for $12.98

Kindle Cover

If your loved one has a Kindle, they’ll need a new cover. Kindle covers are very thoughtful and functional gifts because they not only beautify but protect your device. A first step of course would be to identify their kindle model and then their style. 

This will help you decide on what type of cover to get them. You can browse here to get an idea of what they might like. Generally, kindle covers range between $10 – $19 depending on what type you purchase. 

The All-New Kindle (2022)

A Kindle isn’t just another gadget, it’s a folder that can store hundreds of books. With this device, they can carry their favourite books wherever they go. This particular model is the lightest and most compact Kindle currently available in the market.

kindle gift ideas for bookworms

It doesn’t have any lock screen ads and it has a storage space of 16GB so they can save thousands of books. The battery life is also solid as a single charge can last for up to six weeks. If you can afford it, we strongly recommend purchasing a Kindle. It’s one of the best gift ideas for bookworms. They’ll never forget this one.

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Cute Tote Bags

Does your loved one visit the library or coffee shops frequently? Then a reusable tote bag is a great tool for them to carry their books. Some bags even have extra compartments for pens, and other items, keeping things extra organized. The two totes we recommend are;

  • Sweetude 4pcs Aesthetic canvas tote bag for $16.99
canva tote bag for bookworms
tote bag gift ideas for bookworms

Fun Mugs

What’s better than reading a book? Enjoying a cup of hot coffee, tea or cocoa on a rainy day. This is why we recommend buying them a really cool fun mug.

  • IMT Library bookshelf mug for $19.99
bookshelf mugs for bookworms
  • Onebttl Abibliphobia insulated mug for women and men at $23.99

And if they don’t like to drink hot beverages, get them a wine cup they’ll definitely use on a cool evening.

  • Perfectinsoy funny book club wine glass for $15.99
wine cup gift ideas for bookworms

A Personalised Book Stamp

Every book lover will tell you the struggle they face with giving out their books. This is why gifting them a book stamp they can use to assert claims on their book is the perfect gift. With it, they can create their own official library. 

bookstamp gift ideas for bookworms

This customizable monogram self-ink stamp allows you to customize the text and ink colour you’d prefer. There are also a ton of unique designs they can choose from. It’s a durable gift they’ll definitely love. It only costs $29.00

A Reading Lamp

Reading a book at night means you’d have to leave your lights on. But then it can either affect your partner’s sleep or just be a hassle to turn off. That’s why reading lights are very thoughtful gifts. You can place them directly on your books and turn them off while shutting your read for the night.

With a 360-degree neck, they can create a very private reading experience. It has soft antiblue lights which make it perfect for night-time reading. Since it’s very functional, they can also use it for other scenarios. Get this Vekkia Amber rechargeable light for just $13.95 on Amazon today.


Bookends are support holders for the numerous books your friend and loved one would be stacking up. It can help them save space, keep things organized and tidy. When choosing a bookend, be sure to get a sturdy one that can hold both light and heavy-duty books. Here are some we recommend;

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  • VFINE Metal Bookends for shelves at $9.98
  • Aobopar Adjustable metal bookends for $18.99
sturdy book ends
  • 4pcs HappyHapi sturdy universal bookend at $4.79

Sticky Tabs

Highlighting books is something most people do. However, instead of using a highlight pen, modern book lovers use sticky tabs. These waterproof markers are used for annotating books. Since they are writable, bookworms use them to write notes while still keeping the actual pages intact. Purchase any of these sticky tabs and they’ll be sure to thank you;

  • Hautoco 1600pcs coloured index sticky tabs for $6.99
sticky tab gift ideas for bookworms

An Amazon Gift Card

So what if you want to give them books instead? A gift card is a better way to do it. In fact, it’s one of the best gift ideas for bookworms because, with an Amazon gift card, they can choose to buy Kindle books or physical books. 

They also know what titles they actually want. So you eliminate the guesswork and they get value for their gift card. The best part is that you can buy a gift card for as low as $5 or as high as $2,000. 

And that brings us to the end of this list. We hope that you’ve found this guide on gift ideas for bookworms useful in choosing the perfect gift for your friend or loved one. Do share this post with your friends and family who might need this too.

Disclaimer: We might get a commission for some of the products we recommend here, but this doesn’t affect our editorial policy


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