The Best 10 ChatGPT Plugins You Should Start Using Today

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ChatGPT has significantly improved the use cases you can enjoy while using the software. Now by adding the right plugin, you can do so many things with a single prompt. Although they are highly effective, there are over 300 available ChatGPT plugins in the store. So before you get overwhelmed on where to start from, here are the top ten ChatGPT plugins you can start with. 

Ask Your PDF

If you work with PDFs frequently, you’ll realize that sometimes you want to get information or data from it. However, going through hundreds of pages can be quite the work. So if you need answers to your research or assignment, this tool is the perfect solution for you.

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The Ask Your PDF plugin goes through your PDF to find the answers to the prompts you input. All you need to do is upload your PDF, get a document ID, and paste the ID into ChatGPT along with your prompts. 


Why spend hours on Duolingo learning how to say phrases when you can learn directly from ChatGPT? This plugin acts like a language tutor. You can learn how to say, write and read things in other languages. 

speak chat gpt plugin

Source: Use Speak

The best part about this app is that you can use it to learn how to use certain words as verbs, and nouns, properly conjugate and more. All you need to do is enter a prompt or query and you’ll get detailed feedback on the answer.

Prompt Perfect

If you’re familiar with how ChatGPT works, you’d know the quality of responses you get is entirely dependent on the prompts you enter. This is why this plugin is an essential one. It helps you curate the perfect prompts guaranteed to give you the results you expect from your AI assistant. 

All you need to do is install the ChatGPT plugin and start your prompt with the word “perfect”. After this, it’ll refine your prompt with details and descriptions that’ll give you better results. 

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Love going on trips? Perhaps you work in a travel agency. This plugin is the perfect assistant when you want to specifically search for the best deals online. With it, you can get recommendations on your preferred flight deals, accommodation, tours, car rentals and more.

It aggregates historical travel data from the Kayak’s search engine to provide these personalized responses. Once you install it, just ask ChatGPT questions like a virtual travel assistant and you’ll get conversational output.


Zapier is popularly known for integrating several apps together without the need for code. It’s no wonder why its plugin is incredibly useful. With the Zapier ChatGPT plugin, you can trigger and use over 5,000 applications without leaving the ChatGPT section. 

zapier chat gpt plugin

Once you set up the plugin and give it approvals, you can directly control these apps. For example, you can send an email, check Slack messages, populate a Google Doc or Sheets and so much more all with a prompt.


With a plugin like Canva, you can do so many tasks in a few seconds. With this ChatGPT plugin, you can create presentations, flyers, posts and videos for your social media pages. Think content creation for IG reels and TikTok but with a single prompt. 

Perhaps the best thing about this plugin is that you don’t need to log in or sign up to Canva to make design changes. You can edit the design or content by simply tapping the link on the design. It’s the perfect way to bring your words to life.

Video Insights

This is an excellent plugin when you need to summarize an existing YouTube video and pick up key points rather than watching the whole thing. With this plugin, you can request for a short summary or ask questions about what you’d like to know. 

You can also get the transcript in case you’d like to repurpose it into a blog post or a social media post. Simply paste the URL of the video in your ChatGPT prompt. Unfortunately, you can’t get these summaries from videos longer than ten minutes. However, if you do have videos shorter than this, then give it a go.

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This plug-in is one we recommend if you love to work on meal preps. Now although you can already get meal recipes from ChatGPT, with this plugin, you get the recipes, steps and ingredients required.

All you need to do is give a prompt on what meals you’d like to prepare, and it’ll give you a list of the ingredients for that meal. But InstaCart doesn’t just generate the ingredients, it also shares the right quantity and a link to where you can buy these ingredients at that exact time. 

The best part about this plugin is that once you make any food or meal prompts, it automatically kicks in. If it doesn’t, you can ask ChatGPT to use the plugin.


Want to build your Chess skills? The best way to do this is by practising with an AI. This plugin allows you to play and practice Chess with ChatGPT. What happens is that you play against the AI after choosing your level of expertise. It can get pretty intense because it definitely won’t go easy on you. However, you can always play multiple rounds until you gain your victory. 

World News

Now although everyone knows that ChatGPT provides outdated information, interestingly, this plugin delivers news on time. You can get the latest news and headlines from across the world. So if you’d like to be updated on the happenings worldwide every now and then, just send in a prompt and get it in a long list. 

Since this plugin is international, you get news from pretty much any country, in different links. You can also be sure to get authentic information as it’ll add the source links for reference.

By installing any of these ChatGPT plugins, you can enjoy a better experience with your AI assistant without opening too many tabs or apps. We hope that you’ve found this guide useful in finding the perfect plugin for your specific needs. Share this post with your friends and family who might need this too.

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