The Top 8 Shein Alternatives to Shop From in Nigeria

shein alternatives

Shein is one of the top online shopping stores especially for clothing and fashion. However, while they are relatively affordable, there’s always the need to see what else is available. It’s great for comparing prices, clothing and production quality amongst many other factors. 

In this post, we’ll outline a list of Shein alternative shopping sites you can explore for sustainable and cheap fashion. Keep reading to find our recommendations.

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1. Trendyol

One of the biggest eCommerce stores to purchase sustainable and durable pieces is Trendyol. Operating from Turkey and Germany since 2010, this brand even has a store in Jumia Nigeria. They even have pieces from other upcoming brands listed in their store. 

trendyol shein alternative

However, despite their wide range of clothing, footwear and accessories, their pieces are very affordable – quite similar to Shein. Although the default prices are in Euros, you can purchase from their official store and have it shipped down to Nigeria. Alternatively, you can just purchase directly from their brand store on Jumia.

2. Pretty Little Thing

If you’re looking for where you can purchase items you can slay in, then pretty little thing is your store. Known for their very modern style and social media aesthetics, you can be sure to get killer looks from this Shein alternative store. 

pretty little thing shein alternative

We recommend it for highly trendy pieces, or when you’re trying to shop for a party. PLT  is also famous for its accessible and affordable style so you can get items for as low as $1 on this site. It’s also great for all women as there are very inclusive sections with the same pieces available. 

3. Missguided

Missguided is a UK online store that might seem slightly pricer than other fast fashion stores. However, the items you get there have way more quality especially when compared to PLT. They have a ton of solid pieces and their athleisure section is one we highly recommend.

misguided shein alternative

Similar to other stores, you can sort by style and size like tall, petite, plus size or even maternity. We also love that there are student discounts, you can process returns and of course, there are discounts when you sign up for the newsletters and an account.

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4. Boohoo

A rising popular Shein alternative is Boohoo. Being a global brand, they ship pretty much everywhere in the world. They’re like a blend of PLT and Shein when it comes to style. For example, they have a community where you can share your style and get inspired by others. There’s also a TikTok-inspired section where they show trendy outfits you can put together. 

Unlike PLT and Shein who regularly feature celebrities, Boohoo features other brands like Nastygal which is known for its very affordable lingerie line. As a student, you get a 30% discount when you sign up for an account. Plus, they accept all types of cards – as long as it’s enabled for international transactions.

5. FashionNova

Being one of the biggest apparel and lifestyle brands in the last decade, FashionNova hasn’t dwindled in the quality items it produces. However, the trick is to always camp where the sales section is. This is because the same products you see now will go for half the price in the next month. 

While it’s primarily a pop culture US brand, it delivers globally, so you can be sure to get your package a few business days after it’s been shipped. Definitely a place to go if you want trendy but not-so-common outfits.


When the Dollar was still low, a lot of men shopped strictly on ASOS. Unfortunately, while the exchange rate has gone up, ASOS is still delivering very durable clothing and shoes. This is our go-to recommendation for premium or vintage clothing. You’re guaranteed to get unique pieces you won’t see anywhere.


The best part is that they run regular discounts and offers you can take advantage of. So we suggest reviewing their sales section too. ASOS still delivers to Nigeria and given the previous shopping wave from this site, you won’t suffer any unforeseen delivery delays. Just make sure you select Nigeria before your shopping spree.

7. Old Navy

Contrary to the name, Old Navy doesn’t sell old pieces in the least bit. Instead, they offer very affordable clothing – even cheaper than Shein. Expect to see tons of promo codes, discounts and other offerings you can take advantage of to reduce your total balance.

OLD NAVY - shein alternative

There are categories for everyone and we love that there are matching family outfits too. So keep your eyes out during Christmas for the family portrait cloth ideas. Sometimes, you can cop free deliveries. However, we recommend ordering in bulk especially since you’ll be shipping to Nigeria.

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8. AliExpress

The final site on our list is AliExpress. Being the Amazon of Asia, you can pretty much expect to find any fashion item on this platform for cheap. You can also get other home items, accessories, gadgets and more. Aliexpress delivers worldwide and although standard deliveries can take months, it’s totally worth the purchase. 


You’d see tons of brands to shop from and different sellers. We recommend reviewing the product and reviews from previous shoppers before making a purchase. 

And this brings us to the end of our list. Do let us know which of these Shein alternative shopping websites you’ll be using from here on. Don’t forget to also share this post with your friends and loved ones who need this. 


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