10 Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him in 2024

valentine gift for him

Whether the man in your life is your husband, boyfriend or just someone you’re seeing, they deserve something thoughtful for Valentine’s. While men are known to be quite difficult to buy things for, one thing they will always appreciate is a functional gift. Not sure about where to start? Here are 10 gift ideas he’ll definitely love for Valentine’s Day.

1. Something for Sore Muscles: A Massage Gun

Price: $24.99

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massage gun

Can’t give regular massages? Then you should gift a massage gun. This handheld electric gun gives deep tissue massages and relieves pain in the back, shoulders and stress. It comes in 30 speed levels and 9 different interchangeable heads. He’ll also love that it’s portable, so he can carry it to the gym, office or when going on a trip. 

The battery is also long-lasting as it can keep going for up to 8 hours. Most importantly, it has a quiet motor so he won’t have to worry about any sounds while using it.

2. The Book of Unusual Knowledge

Price: $9.99

valentine present -trivia book

For the partners who adore trivia nights and just happen to know a bit about everything, this is the perfect gift, It contains a list of factoids and fascinating reading about several diverse topics. It includes over 700 pages in more than 20 chapters on interesting facts about science, movies, American landmarks and more. He’ll be proud to share the new knowledge he’ll acquire from this one. 

3. Wireless Car Charger for His Car

Price: $25.99

car charger

Update his car accessories with a wireless 15W fast charger. He can charge his phone while seamlessly navigating thanks to the phone mount. It’s also easy to plug in as a touch on the buttons immediately opens the charger arms. So he won’t have to struggle to mount it. It also automatically turns off once the phone is full. You won’t have to worry about changing his phone’s battery anytime soon.

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4. The All-in-One Grooming Kit

Price: $19.96

grooming kit

Men enjoy having multi-purpose products and a grooming kit is not the exception. This grooming kit for beards, facial hair, nose, ears and hair is one gift that’ll make sure he looks good every time. This kit comes with 13 pieces and self-sharpening blades which means you don’t need any blade oil to maintain it. The battery is also super durable as it can deliver up to 60 minutes of run time.

5. An Insulated Travel Mug

Price: $19.99

travel mug

Whether he’s still in school, working, or going to the gym, this insulated tumbler is a great way for him to carry cold or hot drinks on a stressful day. It comes with stainless steel which is rust-free and completely leakproof. 

With the copper-lined and triple-layer insulated construction, you can keep hot drinks for up to 6 hours and cold drinks for up to 20 hours without losing their temperature. It comes in multiple colours, so you can get one he’ll like.

6. Vintage Leather Journal Set

Price: $25.99

leather journal

Does your man like to have fancy journals? This vintage set is one he’ll definitely love. It’s perfect for offices, schools and entrepreneurs in general. This particular set is designed to last and protect whatever entry they make in it. It’s a very elegant design which makes it a very luxurious gift. Plus, it’s easy to carry around and they come with four pens.

7. Kodak Instant Color Photo Printer

Price: $84.99

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kodak printer

This printer is perfect if your partner is into physical photos. It’s a handy device that can turn his selfies and social media posts into pictures you can frame at all times. You can edit these pictures, upload them on the app or send them via Bluetooth and then print them. The printouts can be stuck onto any surface and you can print up to 25 pictures on a single charge. We definitely recommend especially if you’re not a budget.

8. A Slim and Elegant Leather Wallet

Price: $19.99

wallet valentine day gift for him

One thing men rarely change is their wallet and this is the chance to update his current wallet with a timeless and sleek design. This particular model has a refined metal money clip and an anti-theft RFID tech so his valuable details are protected at all times. It also comes in a nice gift box packaging so all you need to do is choose their favourite color and wait for it to get delivered.

9. Cartman 39-piece Toolbox

Price: $22.99

cartman toolbox

If you’re thinking about something to get a partner who loves to fix things, a toolbox is something they’d cherish. This particular tool set comes with tools for small repairs, DIY projects and so much more. It includes screwdrivers, screw sets, a hammer, a plier, tape rule and so much more. The box makes sure everything is securely organised and stored. It’s also lightweight so they can take it everywhere they go.

10. Socks!

Price: $19.00

men dress socks for him

The last item on our list is a set of socks. Add this to any gift set you’re preparing and watch them elevate their look. These dress socks are made from high-quality and durable materials. Available in multiple patterns and colours, they are perfect for work or an everyday look. 

Disclaimer: We might get a commission for some of the products we recommend here, but this doesn’t affect our editorial policy

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