Uber Comfort Expands to Nairobi: Here’s What Kenyan Riders Need to Know

Uber users in Nairobi, Kenya, now have the option to upgrade their ride experience with the arrival of Uber Comfort. This service provides a more comfortable and customizable alternative to the standard UberX, offering a noticeable step up without breaking the bank.

So, what sets Uber Comfort apart, and is it worth the extra cost? Let’s break it down.

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What to Expect from Uber Comfort

  • Newer, Roomier Rides: Say goodbye to cramped rides in older vehicles. Uber Comfort guarantees you’ll travel in a newer, mid-sized car (2015 model year or later), providing significantly more legroom and breathing space. This perk is especially welcome for longer journeys or for navigating Nairobi’s busy traffic.
  • Experienced, Highly-Rated Drivers: Drivers in the Uber Comfort category aren’t rookies. They boast consistently high ratings, which translates to a smoother, more professional ride experience. This means greater reliability, better route knowledge, and less of those awkward driver conversations where you feign interest in their pet fish collection.
  • Personalize Your Ride: The ability to customize aspects of your ride is a major draw of Uber Comfort. Through the app, you can indicate your preference for temperature, making the dreaded “too hot or too cold?” debate a thing of the past. Crucially, you can also choose your desired level of chattiness, offering those who crave a silent ride a much-needed reprieve.

“Uber aims to reimagine how the world moves for the better. With the launch of Uber Comfort in Nairobi, we are providing our most discerning passengers with a modern, spacious and personalizable method of moving around our city, while also introducing more options for drivers to access economic opportunities.”

Imran Manji, Head of East Africa, Uber


Cost and Availability

Uber Comfort operates within Nairobi and joins a growing list of cities across Africa offering this service. Naturally, you’ll pay a premium compared to UberX – expect fare increases of around 15-20%.


Uber Comfort is a smart middle-ground for those who want a more premium feel without forking over considerably more money for a full-fledged premium Uber service.

While UberX remains a perfectly viable option, Uber Comfort’s focus on spaciousness, driver experience, and customization fills a valuable niche, making it a welcome addition to Nairobi’s ride-hailing scene.

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