5 ways to buy a smartphone at cheap price in Uganda

buy a smartphone cheaply in Uganda

Looking to buy a smartphone in Uganda? I have news for you. You no longer have to pay an arm or leg for a smartphone in Uganda. Smartphone prices have risen to prices above UGX 5,000,000 and they keep rising with each new release. This is basically because of market forces of demand and supply. A smartphone ranks high on many people’s shopping lists and manufacturers are taking advantage of the golden opportunity by increasing prices. However, there are a couple of ways you can use to keep the spend on buying a smartphone as little as possible. Below we share 5 ways to buy a smartphone cheaply in Uganda.

Whether you are considering buying a new, refurbished or used smartphone, use these 5 ways to buy a smartphone cheaply in Uganda and save big.

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5 ways to buy a smartphone cheaply in Uganda

Make a price comparison.

Visit multiple sellers to make sure you get the best deal before you commit. A similar model can be sold at a very affordable price elsewhere. Get prices of different sellers for the model you want and then go with the best price.

Buy from your network provider.

Devices sold by networks such as MTN Uganda, Airtel, Africell are in most cases slightly lower priced than the global versions. However, such devices are in most cases locked to that carrier. But what do you care? You were going to use that very network anyway.

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So, take the easy route and buy a device from straight from your network provider. You also get benefits like free internet bundles, calls and SMS when you buy devices from your network provider. There are also fewer chances of getting a fake since the telecom company has a huge reputation to keep.

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Buy it used.

Another way to buy a smartphone cheaply in Uganda is to buy a used one from a reputable seller. You can find a seller who can sell you a used phone that is still of good quality. Reputable sellers are hard to find? Well, that doesn’t mean they are nonexistent.

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The first reputable seller can be one of your trusted friends who is thinking of upgrading to another. You can also use buy and sell platforms like OLX. However, be careful when buying devices on buy and sell platforms as you can easily buy a defective and/or stolen device.

Look out for mid-rangers.

Flagships may be irresistible, but our goal is to focus on getting good stuff at an affordable price. You may not really need an extremely bezel-less smartphone or a device with four or more cameras.

Some devices like the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X have fancy edge to edge designs and are covered in premium materials. In making phones more “premium”, everything is pushed to the limits, the price too. I am a geek. I love innovations and progress. However, I am also conscious about how much of my money I spend on something.

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Flagship phones are insanely priced, and you may need to look at the midrange section which is packed to the brim with decent offerings. Midrange devices such as the super battery Infinix Note 5, the camera centric Tecno Camon X Pro deliver almost flagship grade functionality. These sometimes challenge and win some battles against the premium devices. Instead of buying the expensive iPhones, how about spending less and buying a Tecno Camon X Pro?

Ignore the reigning champions.

Another way to buy smartphones cheaply in Uganda is to actually ignore current flagships. For example, if you like the Galaxy S9 so much, you can hang in there until the Galaxy S10 comes out. This makes the S9 price a little lower. However, this requires some patience. Patience pays, but pains. If you want to buy a smartphone cheaply in Uganda, then you have a good reason to be patient.


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