Flat screen vs CRT TV: Here are four reasons you want to keep your Tube TV

If you own a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) television aka Kabina TV, then count yourself vintage. My dad still owns his legendary Sony Trinitron which is the TV I grew up watching. I never imagined TV any other way other than what I experienced with that screen.

Today, Flatscreen TV are so popular that most TV vendors have already discontinued manufacturing your old-school CRT TV. Whenever a new technology comes along, it definitively comes with lots of advantages over the previous, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should do away with the old.

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Flatscreen TVs offer better picture quality since they are digital-ready, consume less power and have lots of functionality. So why would you still want to go for CRT TVs or keep your existing one?

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Here are four reasons you want to keep your Tube TV

  • Tube TV is easy to set-up, and will work well in a variety of locations and ambient light conditions. It’s basically a plug and play gadget. Flatscreen and Smart TV on contrary require lots of initial setup such as connecting to the internet, installing and updating apps, complex User interfaces among others.
  • Low cost: This is the probably reason why you want to go for a CRT screen.  In Uganda, a 17 Inch CRT TV Screen costs about Ugx 300, 000 – 500,000.  They are usually more than 50% less than the cost of their flatscreen counterparts. You can take a look at our list of prices of select flatscreen TVs in Uganda.
  • CRTs have wide viewing angle compared to Flatscreen TVs. You would agree with me if you’ve seen “ghost” shadowy images when you try to watch your Flatscreen from the sides. The old-screen TVs don’t have these problems.
  • CRTs are a lot more durable than your Flatscreen alternatives. The screen at home is almost half my image and it is still going! That’s just awesome. With Flatscreen TVs, even the slightest scratch on the screen might make you want purchase another one.

So those are some of the advantages of the good-old screens. However, before you go buy that CRT screen, here are some reasons you might NOT want to spend your hard-earned money on it; they are mostly big and bulky, have less resolution and picture quality, consume lots of power — typically twice to three times that of an Flatscreen TV.

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2 thoughts on “Flat screen vs CRT TV: Here are four reasons you want to keep your Tube TV

  1. You man, in the title you promised FOUR REASONS. You are not an incumbency, don’t shift goalposts ssebo.
    Okay fine you gave four. But you somehow tried to hoodwink us in your post.
    Or maybe the original title was three reasons? Then madam brought the yaka bill. Still, please edit the beginning of the enumeration to say four and not three.

  2. but Non, smart_tv flatscreens are just as easy to set up as crts.
    CRTs are more expensive than same sized flatscreens. The cheapest 32 inch crt will cost more than the cheapest 32 inch flat screen

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