Vodafone Uganda’s Kwata Enyongeza promo offers 100% bonus from 50MBs

Not to be outdone by #MTNJuzza Internet Promo and Airtel’s #AirtelGattawo promo, both of which offer 100% bonus on data recharge above 100MBs, Vodafone Uganda has done one better. Vodafone’s Kwata Enyongeza offers subscribers 100% bonus starting from 50MBs, lasting for a specific duration for a respective selected core bundle. Daily bundles and combos have a validity period of 24 hours whereas Weekly bundles and combos take 48 hours. Monthly bundles have a validity period of 15 days after which the bonus is forfeit.

Kwata Enyongeza

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Kwata Enyongeza Promo

Much as Vodafone has not tooted their promotional offer light of similar offerings, their offer is by far the most generous. To activate Kwata Enyongeza, simply dial *132# to buy a bundle. Below are the terms and conditions on Vodafone’s website about this promotion:

  1. To enjoy this promotion, you must activate any of the chargeable core bundles.
  2. For every core bundle purchased, a 100% bonus will added.
  3. Unlimited bundles, Starter Packs and Quarterly Bundles do not qualify for this promotion.
  4. The bonus data will be consumed first before the purchased bundle.
  5. Enyongeza bundle on Daily Bundles will be valid for 24 Hours.
  6. Enyongeza bundle on Weekly Bundles will be valid for 48 Hours
  7. Enyongeza bundle on Monthly Bundles will be valid for 15 days.
  8. Enyongeza bundle will be applied regardless of method used to load bundle i.e PayWay, Voucher, USSD, Web Self Care et al
  9. The Enyongeza bundle will not roll over.
  10. You can check to see your Enyongeza balance on *132#
  11. Customers will get a notification a day before the expiry of Weekly Bundles and two days before expiry of monthly bundles.

Kwata Enyongeza Vs #Juzza Vs #AirtelGattawo

Vodafone’s data bundles, unlike MTN and Airtel, the big players among telco companies, start from 50MBs. At Shs. 1,000 you get 100% bonus to make your bundle 100MBs. In constrast, it will cost you Shs. 1,800 to purchase 100MBs on MTN and Shs. 2,000 for Airtel’s 120MBs. Note that the bonus on MTN and Airtel start from 100MBs. So at the price of Shs. 1,000 on Vodafone, you will spend Shs. 800 more on MTN and about Shs. 666 more on Airtel. It goes without saying which network has the most affordable rates.


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