Vodafone Uganda releases new high volume data plans

vodafone uganda celalink 4g router

Remember when we said Vodafone Uganda has the best [Unlimited] internet packages in Uganda? We had insurmountable evidence for our claims, and you agreed. But now, we can’t say that any more and we know exactly how you are feeling right now — disappointed.

When Vodafone scrapped its unlimited data plan, we were not happy as ardent customers. But we were hopeful. The telecom said without revealing much that it was revising its pricing strategy apparently for the better. But is it?

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In an email sent out to its customers, the telecom revised its data bundles as follows;

Data VolumePrice (UGX)Validity Period
20GB220,00030 days
40GB330,00030 days
80GB450,00030 days

20GB will go Ugx 220,000 while 80GB is priced at Ugx 450,000. Preciously Vodafone was selling 35GB “unlimited” for a pocket-friendly Ugx 150,000 undoubtedly the best deal in town.  But how does Vodafone’s new pricing stack-up against the rest?

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NetworkBundlePrice (UGX)Price/GB (UGX)
Vodafone Uganda 20GB220,00011,000
Smile Uganda20GB250,00012,500
Airtel Uganda 25GB240,0009,600
Africell Uganda30GB284,9009,497
MTN Uganda30GB285,0009,500

The telecoms have made it hard for us to have a common denominator for data volumes. But if we are to take their price/GB for 20-30GB data tier, Africell and MTN come off with the best value for your money, then followed by Airtel and Vodafone while Smile comes off last.

What do you think of Vodafone’s new data bundles? Let us know in the comments below


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