Mikolo.co.ug lets you find all your wedding and events service providers online

A wedding day is special. So special, that you may have to invest a lot efforts and resources to make it the best. For those who have organised events before, you probably know how difficult it can be to find the best service providers.

Without reliable service providers to make your day memorable, the disappointment that comes may never leave your memory. Mikolo.co.ug wants to take the stress out of planning your event by helping you source the best service providers in the industry.

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With just your computer, or smartphone, you can plan your wedding with ease and live to tell of the memorable experiences.

What is Mikolo?

Mikolo is a Ugandan online startup serving the wedding, corporate, and social events industry. It acquires its name from the plural form of “Omukolo”, a Luganda term to mean ‘Ceremony’. Launched in 2015, it has a SaaS platform that connects event merchants with engaged couples and party planners. This connection cuts across all the spheres of wedding event planning; from venues and photographers, to caterers and the event reception.

How does it work?

Mikolo serves the audience of two parties; the engaged couples planning a wedding, and service providers reaching out to prospective clients. The site offers the various service providers a unique opportunity to reach out to thousands of brides and grooms in an innovative and affordable way, while offering the couples a detailed view of the numerous companies to look out for when drawing their plan.

With the traditional method, of scheduling meetings ahead of events, growing out of date due to increased personal responsibility; Mikolo lets you check on each of your requirements, with a variety of options available at an affordable rate. A couple can freely organize the entire event time-line using the site’s Planning tools, design a pocket friendly budget using the online budgeting tools, and even track the guest attendance.

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There are also tips and experiences offered by individuals and couples that have previously used the site for their various. The newly weds can feature their wedding photography on the platform, and those interested can even build up a website for their event, for friends and family to view.

You can also download the  Android App for your device, to get the service on-the-go.


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