How to connect your wireless earphones to your smartphone

Unlike your old-school traditional earphones that are plug-and-play, wireless earphones might have you call Tech support. Seriously, we might ask how things got so complicated for basics things like earphones/headphones.  If you just landed yourself Apple Airpods or those from Jaybird, here’s how to setup them up with your phone.

1. Make sure your wireless headphone is fully charged. Most times, the battery may come half way charged or not charged at all and to avoid complaining to the tech team or the seller of the said product, always charge the headsets and confirm that they are fully charged before you switch them on.

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2. Power on your headset and make sure they are in pairing mode (instructions usually come with the headphones). On some headsets, the power button is found on top of the earpiece like the Bose Quiet Comfort, or under it, and some on the side. Some headphones may require you to long press the power button until you see a blinking indicator light. (Indicator light may be Red, Green or Blue).

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3. Launch settings from the notification shade, your home screen or app drawer on your smartphone i.e open your app drawer, scroll through until you see Settings and select it.

4. After selecting the Settings, go to Connections, find Bluetooth and select it. E.g Settings>Connections>Bluetooth. Some smartphones may not have Connections as a category of settings and therefore might require you to select Bluetooth straight away.

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5. Tap the SWITCH to turn Bluetooth on. The switch is on the right hand side, parallel to the word Bluetooth. After switching the Bluetooth on, allow your smartphone to search for Bluetooth devices close by until it recognizes you wireless headphones.

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6. When the device is done searching for available devices, tap the HEADPHONES (depending on the name of the wireless Headphone you’re using) under the available devices and your headphones should automatically be able to pair. Please note that for some headphones, you may have to hold the pair button during pairing but for most, you’ll just put them into pairing mode. They will show up in your known devices and automatically connect from then on.

4. After a successful pairing, you can now place your headsets over your head and in your ears and select your playlist, keep your smartphone in your handbag or pocket and not worry about having to deal extra things to hold in your hand.

So after having gone through this step by step, you can continue using your headsets with no problems at all. Just make sure you remember to charge your headset’s battery and your smartphone’s as well every time the battery runs low. It’s so much fun.

Image: Sony Mobile


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