5 most useful YouTube shortcuts you must know

YouTube Playback Settings

When using a PC, you might want to navigate YouTube without taking your hands off the keyboard. You might need to do something urgent minus having to move the cursor around the screen in search for that particular aspect. This is where YouTube shortcuts come in handy.

They can be a massive saver of time on your side as they are pretty simple to execute. We shall go through 5 basic YouTube shortcuts you must know.

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Playing and Pausing the video

This can be handy when you receive a phone call or what to read in detail what is written on that screen at that time. Simply tap the Space Bar or the ‘K’ key to pause and resume the video.

Rewind and Forward.

In case you need to re-watch a certain scene or forward to a particular area, you will need to rewind or forward the video depending on what you want at that time.
Pressing the ‘J’ key will rewind the video by 10 seconds and pressing the ‘L’ key will forward the video by 10 seconds.

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Full screen mode.

Let’s say you are watching a movie and you need it on full screen mode in order to better your viewer experience, simply tap the ‘F’ key to have the video played in full screen mode. You can also re-tap the ‘F’ key to return it to its previous screen mode.

Mute and Un-mute.

This is what I normally use when it comes to watching Adverts that run before or during the video.
Just tap ‘M’ key and the video will mute and re tap the same key to Un-mute the video.

0-9 Number Keys.

The numeric keys just above the Alphabetical tab can be used to skip parts of the video in partitions of 10%.
0 represents the beginning of the video, 1 represents 10% of the video and 9 represents the last partition of the video.

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The above are just the basic YouTube shortcuts that can save you a lot of time and are very convenient while using the app.


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