Complete list of HD channels on DSTV

hd channels

Whereas it does not come at just any cost, watching television in high definition is an amazing experience. The clearly detailed and crisp colored imagery is not something you would ditch for standard definition. Pay Television providers have the right equipment to issue this service; We have thus compiled a complete list of HD channels across all the DSTV packages, to simplify your viewing.

DSTV Uganda has five packages available to customers; Premium, Compact, Compact Plus, Family, and Access. Of these, it is only Access that does not have any High Definition channels for its viewers.

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HD channels on DSTV Premium

The premium bouquet has approximately 135 channels, available at UGX 287,250 (about US $80). It has 24 channels available in HD as shown in the table.

Channelchannel name
102M Net East
103VUZU Amp
104M-Net Movies Premiere West
105M-Net Movies Smile (HD)
106M Action+
121Discovery Channel(HD)
122Comedy Central
123ITV Choice
131Lifetime channel
137Tuner Classice Movies(TCM)
151Africa Magic Epic
170Crime & Investigation Network
186History Channel
188Trace Sport
201SuperSport 1
202SuperSport 2
221SuperSport Maximo 1(HD)
222SuperSport Maximo 2(HD)
322MTV Base
402Sky News

HD channels on DSTV Compact Plus

The Compact Plus package has approximately 120 channels, available at UGX 190,700 (about US $53). It has 10 High Definition channels.

Channelchannel name
103VUZU Amp
121Discovery Channel(HD)
131Lifetime channel
151Africa Magic Epic
170Crime & Investigation Network
186History Channel
203SuperSport 3(HD)
205SuperSport 5 (HD)
206SuperSport 6 (HD)
207SuperSport 7 (spill-over events)

HD channels on DSTV Compact

The Compact bouquet has approximately 110 channels, available at UGX 121,600 (about US $34). It has 29 channels in HD.

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Channelchannel name
111M-Net Movies Stars
112Studio Universal(HD)
115M-Net city
117Universal Channel
120BBC Brit
123ITV Choice
135Discovery TLC
136Discovery Family(HD)
137Tuner Classice Movies(TCM)
165Ebony Life TV(ELTV)
171Discovery IDx
174BBC Lifestyle
175Food Network
211SuperSport 11(HD)
212SuperSport 12(HD)
301Cartoon Network
304Disney XD
307Nick Junior
308Nick toons
325Trace Urban
326Afro Music English

HD channels on DSTV Family

The Family package comes with approximately 80 channels, available at UGX 66,750 (about US $19). It has 11 High Definition channels.

Channelchannel name
110M Action
127Sony Entertainment
132CBS Reality
152Africa Magic Movies
154Africa Magic
181National Geographic
209SuperSport 9
219SuperSport 9 East Africa

The above is the complete compilation of all the High Definition channels across the DSTV packages. Enjoy your viewing.


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