Here is a list of Games on Kwese Play and how you can play them.

kwese play

Kwese Play just launched in South Africa, with a roll out plan already set for other African countries. With it comes over 100 channels to stream from, with 98% of these completely free of charge. The channels you get to subscribe for are Netflix and Kwese channels.

To use Kwese Play, all you have to do is to have access to the internet or WiFi and then make the proper connections.

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Among the available channels for streaming are games, and they always come with an interest. To play games, you need to go to the streaming option button for application which is the left key below the navigation purple button, the games will open and you can play the games available on Kwese play. The best games to play and win money are slot machines. The deal is, while everyone’s bets get applied to the jackpot, not every player can win it. If you’re not paying out the maximum bet with each spin, you are likely only qualified to win a smaller jackpot. Because the top prizes of progressive starburst slots offer some of the largest payouts in most casinos, it’s often advised not to pay these unless you’re betting the maximum amount available.

Here is a list of games on the Kwese play device

  1. Brain Puck

Four colored directional arrows on the screen light up in random order, with an associated musical note, after which the player must press the remote’s directional arrows in the same sequence. Play starts with a single arrow, and each time you successfully mimic the arrow, the sequence is repeated with the addition of another directional arrow.

  1. Bubble wrap

You get to pop the bubbles with the OK button and move the cursor with the directional arrows on your remote. You can see which bubbles you have popped, and they make a fairly accurate popping sound.

  1. Candy Bear

Simply dodge the bunnies, collect the candy, and find the door to move on to the next level. Sounds easy enough, but as you move on to higher levels the dangers increase, just as the number of the bunnies.

  1. Darts

At the start of each throw, a marker circles the outer ring. The dart is thrown by pressing the OK button on your remote as the target circles the board, resulting in hitting a segment. You then press OK button again as the marker moves between the bullseye and the outermost ring of the board.

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  1. Four In A Row

The objective here is to build a line of four of your marbles while trying to stop your opponent from building a line of their own. This line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

  1. Match Four Free

Here, a player needs to form a line of four color spheres regardless of the direction, and it is available in two modes: Easy and Hard.

  1. Mazes Plus

This maze game includes a never-ending arrangement of mazes with the cursor controlled by the arrow buttons allowing you to move up, down, left, and right. You can adjust the difficulty level from the settings tab.

  1. Pathogen 2

Get to shoot germs using the OK button to split them into smaller germs, and to eventually destroy them, as you try to avoid being attacked by the white blood cells. You can recharge your shields or gain rapid fire ability by picking up the green gems created after destroying pathogens.

  1. Peg Solitaire Free

The game board is triangular in shape with 5 rows of pegs inserted in each hole. Your goal here is to leave only one peg on the board by jumping others and eliminating them using the arrow keys on your remote. There are two modes available: the Original, and Challenge mode which has a 60 second time limit.

  1. Shut The Box

Here, you have to leave the lowest number of tilesat the end of each level in the least possible time. Basically, Roll the dice to get the total along with the tiles, a lower score is good for winning the game.

  1. Snakes And Ladders

The goal in the game is to see who can reach the end of the board first. You move your piece according to the roll of the dice, with a 6 warrantying a second throw. You have to avoid the snake heads as they send you back down the board, while if luck lands you to the bottom of a ladder, you are sent flying up to its top. As you approach the finish, you must roll an exact number to land on the final square to complete the game.

  1. Solitaire4us

Like most of the classic card games, though with a few added features, you get to enjoy this glamour. The right directional remote button brings up the menu allowing you to customize the game, and while in-play, the button with other directional keys move the cursor from one card to another. Clicking OK will move the card, while clicking on the card will highlight where it can be played.

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  1. Tic-Tac-Toe

This is the game of X’s and O’s in a 3×3 grid, and probably the only strictly 2-player game you will find on Kwese Play. With support of only one remote, the two players will have to pass the game back and forth to feed in the X or the O.

  1. Sudoku

The game offers a free puzzle for each level, be it for Easy, Medium, or Hard. It requires you to register to keep track of your progress as you play any other games. Using the memo tool, you can input temporary numbers with the ability to eliminate them in case they turn out wrong.

  1. XElevation

Here, you move your player from the lowest level up to the top level while avoiding the treacherous objects that come your way. Depending on how fast you can go, there are point bonuses and tokens worth picking up that give you special abilities.

All these games come as part of the Roku package, and are definitely free when playing them. We will make a further review of the games after experiencing them.


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