Airtel Kenya finally launches their 4G network. Double

Better late than never, right? Airtel Kenya has finally joined the 4G family. Despite being the second biggest telco in the country, Airtel got beaten in the race to 4G by all the telcos in the country including Faiba. Airtel 4G has been undergoing testing for the better part of 2017 and 2018. There have been 4G SIM Cards in the market too so this might have been some sort of Public Beta?

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With this launch, all the Telecos in the country now have 4G networks. This could potentially spark price wars between the telcos as they all push towards improving quality of service and coverage.

Chief executive Prasanta Das Sarma said the launch will improve customer’s Internet experience as well as mobile phone services. “Airtel is committed to continuously innovate and improve the quality of its products and services for a delightful customer experience,” said Mr Sarma. “We believe we have launched our 4G service at the most opportune time especially now that many customers have access to more 4G enabled handsets and devices.”

As an introductory offer, Airtel offers customers who upgrade to 4G SIM Cards on 4G enabled devices with 2GB of free data. Also, Airtel is doubling the Monthly data bundles for use in High speed 4G zones.

At launch, Airtel 4G is available in Mombasa and Nairobi with plans to roll out to other parts of the country as part of the on-going  quality of service improvement plan.

To join Airtel 4G, you need to swap your 2G or 3G SIM card to 4G. This can be done free of charge at any Airtel Shop

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