Kwese refunds customers, offers free access to Kwese iflix for 12 months

kwese iflix

Following Kwese’s move to ditch the current subscription business model towards digital services, the broadcaster isn’t screwing over customers or making life difficult for users. Kwese will grant loyal Kwese TV subscribers complimentary free access to Kwese iflix for 12 months. Yes, free access to Kwese iflix for a year.

Kwese decided to proactively refunded money to customers without them asking. I can’t think of any other company I’ve heard of that’s done that. Hell, I remember a past satellite TV provider, GTV who abandoned business and disappeared with customers’ money by morning. However, Kwese has taken the high road to refund its customers on top of free access to Kwese iflix.

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Free access to Kwese iflix.

This means Kwese TV subscribers with an active subscription as at 31 October, can indulge in one year’s worth of uninterrupted access to a vast library of the best international, regional and local content programs. With this bold move, Kwese wishes to entice its loyal customers towards its game-changing, digital entertainment platform.

In the world a world covered in complaints from unsatisfied customers on social platforms, Kwese’s move is an exceptional counter to all the possible (and expected) negative PR. Luckily, smartphones are a common site in Uganda today and some go for prices below UGX 350,000. We shared a few ways to buy a smartphone cheaply in Uganda.

With Kwese iflix, Kwese customers will be missing out on the big TV screens. However, they will enjoy a refund and a whole year of uninterrupted entertainment. Kwese already partnered with Airtel and MTN Uganda to deliver video on demand on the Kwese iflix app. Consequently, the transition will not be as hard since they have the major internet providers on board.


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