Facebook Messenger unsend feature will give you 10 minutes to delete a message

Soon, Facebook Messenger will let you to delete sent messages within 10 minutes of sending them. The Facebook Messenger unsend feature has in the rumor mills since April when the big F social networking site admitted it was quietly deleting messages sent by its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Unsending messages should become a core feature of any messaging app. Keeping up with the real world and fast texting your using messaging apps can be characterized by embarrassing typos.

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Worst case scenario, sending a message to a wrong recipient. That’s why unsend feature has become a core part of the texting world.

Messenger unsend feature adds it to the “unsending” club

Applications like Telegram already support the unsend feature. Facebook also made the unsend feature available to its WhatsApp messenger.

However, Messenger unsend feature will only give you 10 minutes to make up your mind compared to WhatsApp’s 60 minutes.

Whereas this is not enough time, it at least gives you get a few minutes to save an imperishable mistake. With the Messenger unsend feature, Facebook will be adding another infinity stone to their messaging app.


Image Source: Techworm

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