How To Save Instagram Stories


Instagram story(ies) is a feature that was clearly taken from Snapchat’s own story feature and has experienced growth in usage ever since. Hundreds of millions of people make use of this feature daily including some of your favourite celebrities. Instagram stories are used to share moments be it pictures or videos temporarily for just a 24 hrs period. You can also write texts in your stories like you do in your Whatsapp status. If you wish, you could archive your Instagram stories or make them stay permanently as highlights in your profile.

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You can decide to hide your stories if you want from people, choose if you want everybody to be able to reply to your stories or just the people you follow or just turn replies off entirely. These can be done by just clicking the three vertical dots at the bottom right corner of your story and entering the stories settings. Also, you can save your Instagram story by clicking the three dots and then press ‘save‘. However, saving someone else’s story(ies) especially the videos is a different ball game and it will require you to use a third party app. A picture on a story will just require you to take a screenshot or you can also follow the tips given here.

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Android Users

It is very much easier than you think to save an Instagram story. On your Android smartphone, open ‘Play Store’ and type in ‘story saver for Instagram‘. Go ahead and install the app. Once the installation is complete, open the app, input your log-in details just like you are logging in to Instagram and then press login. The stories on your account will appear and you can save, repost or share any of them with just a click after you must have allowed the app to be able to save files to your storage.

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iOS Users

The procedure here is similar but with a different app. Anyway, head to your ‘app sore‘ and punch in ‘Repost story for Instagram‘. Open it and log in just like in android phones too. A prompt will come up to give the app access to your media library in order to save the stories. Press ‘Allow‘. All the stories of the people you’re following will appear at the top, different from the way it appear on the Instagram app itself. A preview of the story will be opened once you tap on it and you can tap on it again to make it fullscreen. You should see a download icon at the top right corner, tap that icon and the story will be saved. If the stories are more than one, you would have to save each story or the story of your choice individually.

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