How to cancel your subscription on Netflix

Even though Netflix is a great source of entertainment and an easily accessible one at that, there are still reasons you might want to cut ties with it. Whether it is the recent increase in price or staying away from distraction, it is very much easier to pull the plug on your subscription than you think. However, you’d still have access until your current subscription is exhausted. Nonetheless, your viewing history, preference, and others will be available until 10 months after canceling your subscription should you choose to reactivate your account.

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How to go about it

In order to put an end to your subscription, you would have to access Netflix on your web browser or in your mobile app. Then you go ahead and visit the ‘Account‘ page where you would find the ‘Membership & billing‘ option. Click on it and you will see a button on which you have ‘Cancel Membership‘ written. Press the button and you will be taken to a tab where you can either ‘Finish cancellation‘ or ‘Downgrade your current plan‘. When you click on the Finish cancellation button, your Netflix account will be automatically stopped when your current payment runs out.

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This also works if you want to cancel your free trial in the case of first-time subscribers. You should do this before your trial period expires to stop Netflix from charging you for the subsequent months. Ordinarily, Netflix will remind you when your free trial is ending but you could also set a reminder when your subscription will end personally so you can shut it down.


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