Android and iOS finally gets Google Duplex

Google Duplex

In case the name sounds unfamiliar to you, Google Duplex is an automated call feature that uses Google Assistant to make a reservation, set up meetings or schedule appointments on your behalf. This has been around since last year, announced in Google’s I/O conference, so it is not a new development. However, the feature was only available for Google’s Pixel phone users until now that you have access to it on other Android phones and in the Google Assistant app on iOS. As it is before, you will only be able to use it in the US and even at that, a handful of cities there don.t have the feature yet.

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This will especially come in handy if you’re not too good with making calls to put things like appointment and reservation in place and can’t afford an assistant. Hey, Google has an Assistant for you free of charge – pun intended. Using Google Duplex, you will now be able to summon your Google Assitant and ask it to book a reservation or appointment on your behalf. Although, the feature is not entirely available yet as it is just being dished out sequentially. Nonetheless, the whole thing can be done with your voiced instructions only, no need to dial or type in anything.

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How to go about it

It is pretty much very easy to use this feature as it works in a similar fashion as other interactions with Google Assistant. First, you will have to use the usual ‘Okay Google’ or ‘Hey Google’ to bring up the Google Assistant. Then, you will go on to issue the command which for example can go like this; ‘Book a reservation for me at [Location] for [date] at [Time}.’ Google Assistant will now go ahead and make a call to do that which you asked with feedback if it was successful a few minutes later.

There is no specific date yet regarding when it will be available in other countries and even in places where it does work, establishments can block calls from Google Assistant. This way, the feature will not be available for all occasions and certainly not for everyone, at least not for now. Anyway, the Google Duplex feature seems like a really good tool and will probably be going on full fledge use in this recent move of making it available on a wider range of devices


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