Opera’s new Gaming Browser lets you control RAM and CPU Usage

Opera has just unveiled what it is calling the ‘World’s first gaming browser”. This is a customized version of their Opera Web Browser that is meant to appeal to Gamers. The highlight of the new browser, named Opera GX, is a panel that lets you set limits on CPU and RAM usage. Google Chrome has for a long time had a bad rap for being way too resource intensive.

Giving users the ability to change and allocate just how much of their resources they want to allocate to a browser is a move that will no doubt appeal to these users that often operate at the very limit of their hardware’s capability.

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Opera GX includes the flashier features built into the regular Opera, too, including a free VPN service, an ad blocker, and pop-out panels with access to chat services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

The new browser also boasts of tight integration with game streaming site Twitch, and also allows users to pop-out the streaming video so they can multitask more efficiently.

How do get Opera GX

Easy, to download and take the new Opera GX browser for a spin, head on to Opera GX Official download page and download it on your PC. We’re still not sure if this browser is available on Linux and Mac like other Opera products but we shall update you accordingly.


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