Xiaomi patents a solar powered smartphone

Xiaomi solar powered smartphone

Xiaomi is currently working on a smartphone that will be carrying a solar panel for charging on its own. A patent filed by the Chinese company with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) reveals a smartphone with a solar panel on its back. We now have smartphones that have bare backs except for the rear camera thanks to a new technology called under-display fingerprint scanner. The new patent model by XIaomi shows a smartphone with a solar panel covering a significant part of the back cover with no obvious overall chunkiness in the size of the smartphone

Also, the image shows a typical smartphone build with a protruding dual rear camera, with a double speaker grill and a USB Type-C at the bottom. The front of the smartphone is covered by the display all through with no front camera in sight which suggests that it is an under-display one.

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In addition, it is likely that the fingerprint scanner is under the display as well or absent altogether. It is quite impressive to see this type of innovation considering that power has been a constant issue for smartphones as they become more power-hungry especially when you are out from home. With this new patent, there is a possibility that you can just turn your smartphone to the sun and get your battery up.

For this to be a possibility, the solar panel has to be able to charge the smartphone without taking too long considering that this is not a fast way of charging. Moreso, the solar panel should be able to fit into the smartphone without making it too chunky. Nonetheless, this will be the first of its kind if it eventually works out and it will be nice to require just the sun to charge your smartphone.


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