Using Google Maps in Incognito Mode: Why and How

Google Maps Incognito Mode

It’s is known that Google uses its apps and services (particularly Google Maps) to track users location. Google says it collects this information to improve its services. For instance, Google can suggest restaurants similar to the ones you’ve visited in the past. It also uses your location to determine the weather information it sends to your device.

Google Maps Incognito Mode

However, because there have been growing concerns from Google Maps users about location tracking and other privacy issues, Google decided to introduce the incognito mode for Google Maps. Although the incognito mode prevents Google from saving certain data about you, it most definitely will still track your movement. 

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Why Use Google Maps Incognito Mode?

Search History is Disabled

There are certain times when you may not want your activity online tied to you – this is where incognito comes in. It gives you more choice and control when it comes to how you manage your data on Google Maps. Incognito Mode prevents data generated by your device from being stored to your Google Location History.

For instance, say you share the same smartphone with someone, and you probably don’t want them to find out you recently searched for an adult toy store, the Incognito mode feature on the Google Maps lets you do that.

Immediately you switch to Incognito on the Google Maps, a warning message pops up; “Turning on Incognito Mode in Maps does not affect how your activity is used or saved by internet providers, other apps, voice search, and other Google services.”

This means you’re only masking your map browsing history in your own Google account but not from the outside world (Internet service provider, websites, etc.)

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How to activate Google Maps Incognito Mode

  1. First, you need to update your Google Maps app or install the latest version on your Android smartphone.
  2. Open the app and sign in to your Google account.
  3. Tap the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the screen in the search bar in Google Maps.

4. Next, Tap “Turn on Incognito mode”

Stay Safe, Navigate Privately

You should only use the Incognito feature when you need to navigate a location privately without being tracked. Otherwise, you lose access to some personalized Maps features like restaurants, store recommendations, etc.


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