Top 9 Android 11 Expected Features We Are Excited About


The Android 10 operating system was officially unveiled back in September 2019 and many devices have been updated since. Granted, there are still a few outliers devices that expect to get updated within Q2 of 2020 but for the most part, Android 11 is here.

True to Android’s annual development cycle, the focus is already shifting to the next version of Android. We have seen a few very early builds of the next version of Android (the Android 11) and we are beginning to have a rough idea of what the next version of Android has in store.

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In this post, we shall look at some of the features that are available on the Android 11 Developer Preview. So far, we have seen two Developer Preview releases but we shall look at the changes in both, compared to the publicly available Android 10 builds. The first Android 11 preview isn’t too heavy on the features, but there are still some fun things worth talking about. Let’s get right into it.

Which Devices Is the Developer Preview Available On?

Before we proceed to talk about the Android 11 expected features, what devices currently support the Developer Previews of the upcoming OS? Taking a cue from the Developer Previews released in the past, these builds are available on select devices, mostly Google’s own Pixel devices and a few third-party — Essential phones and other Google Android One devices.

Android 11 Expected Features

1. Built-in Screen Recorder

A feature that has been natively available on iOS for many releases, and on many third-party Android skins is seemingly making a debut in Android 11. Screen recording is something Android users have always wished for and here it is finally. With Android 11 that’s a new feature we will have for sure. We will no longer need any additional apps to record our screens.

2. New screenshot pop-up menu

android 11 expected features

In Android 10, the screenshot options are shown in the notifications panel after taking a screenshot where one can share, edit or delete the screenshot. In Android 11 Developer Preview 3 (DP3), there’s a new, compact pop-up menu that appears when taking a screenshot. The screenshot can be dismissed by tapping on the X button; there’s a share button, and you can tap the edit button to mark the screenshot in an image editor. A new third option will let you take scrolling screenshots, but this is still not fully implemented.

3. Airplane Mode Won’t Turn off Bluetooth

The previous Android versions have had Bluetooth killed off when Airplane mode was turned on. Then we had to turn Bluetooth on the back again. This is a drawback considering how popular Bluetooth earphones have been in the recent times. In Android 11, when someone toggles on the Airplane mode, the Bluetooth won’t get turned off and keep functioning perfectly.

4. Persistent Notifications Are Now Less Intrusive

The line that indicates you can expand the Quick Settings toggles is wider and there’s a gradient in the shade. Other than the “Clear All” button, there is a “History” button that takes you to the Notification History page in Android 11.

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In Developer Preview 3, you can swipe away any notification, even persistent ones that must be shown for applications with a Foreground Service. When dismissed, the persistent notification is listed underneath the rest of the notifications in an “Apps active in background” section.

5. Refined Dark Mode

In the Android 11, you will be able to schedule Dark mode. More like Nightlight and a redefined version of the Android 10’s Focus mode.

6. Auto-Revoke Permissions

A major feature that is being tested is revoking permissions for applications that have not been used by the user for months. This can help prevent apps that appear dormant from accessing your data in the background.

android 11 permissions
Revoking permissions for applications that haven’t been used by the user for months.

7. New Gesture Sensitivity Options

android 11 expected features

Android 11 will also allows users to customize the sensitivity of left edge as well as right edge.This will let you, say, decrease the sensitivity of the back gesture from the left edge and increase the sensitivity of the back gesture from the right edge.

For example, if you want to disable only the left edge back gesture, then simply run the following ADB command:

adb shell settings put secure back_gesture_inset_scale_left 0

8. Reverse Charging

Android 11 brings an option to share battery. Consequently, future Pixel devices will come with reverse wireless charging, and Pixel 5 will be the first one among them.

9. Mute Notifications During Recording

It can be very annoying when you are trying to make an awesome video or you want to capture a moment and a notification pops up. With Android 11, you will have uninterrupted video recording with all notifications turned to mute during recording.

The development of the Android 11 is nowhere close to completion. And it will not be for the next couple of months. These builds are purely meant for developers so they can optimise their apps for the upcoming build of Android. As such, you don’t want to install this on your main device.

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By the way, are there any features that isn’t on this list that you’d love to see on the next Android OS? Drop your Android 11 expected features in the comments section below.


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