TECNO Hipods H2 Features: 5 Things We Love

TECNO Hipods H2 features

After excluding the standard earphone jacks from major smartphones over the years, the move to truly wireless earbuds has seen a market boom in recent years. Africa’s largest OEM’s Transsion has joined the movement this year with the latest Tecno Hipods H2 true wireless earbuds.

We reviewed the TECNO Hipods last month and after another month of using the TECNO Hipods H2 as a daily driver for taking phone calls and playing music, here are the top 5 features I liked about the gadgets so far.

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1. Tap to Play/Pause 

The tap to play/pause functionality of the Hipods H2 earbuds really comes in handy. Let’s dive into the touch controls features I have been enjoying while playing music and taking calls using the Tecno Hipods H2;

  • Double-tap the touch panel to Play/Pause while playing music. This works on both sides of the earbuds.
  • When playing music, 3 taps on the right earbud plays the next song while 3 taps on the left earbud play the previous song.
  • To answer an incoming call on Tecno Hipods, double-click the touch panel on either side of the buds to answer.
  • To reject a call, press and hold the touch panel for about 1 second and release after hearing the tone when the call is coming.

Voice assistants are slowly getting an audience on wireless earbuds. To start Google Assistant using the Hipods H2, long-press the touch panel for about 4 seconds to issue your commands.

2. Volume Controls 

Volume controls is something not all modern earbuds get it right and a lot of high-end earbuds lack them as well. Fun fact: this feature is missing on Apple’s AirPods Pro.

TECNO split the controls over both sides of the earbuds. Press the right earbud touch panel to increase volume and the left earbud to reduce the volume. Personally, from experience, I swipe the buds slowly in up and down directions to control the volumes.

3. Environment Noise Cancellation

The ENC scores the highest point when using the Tecno Hipods H2; I rate it an 8/10. The overall sound quality is strong and rich. The bass is likewise pucnhy. It isn’t overly bright or much clarity so it rolls out at the right moment and it sounds very excellent.

So if you are watching a movie with explosions and ground rumbling sounds, it’s really impressive. And with the ENC, you can lose track of what’s going around you.

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Another department where the Hipods score extra points is in the ergonomic shape design. The design makes it perfect for all kinds of ear shapes.

4. Smart Pop-up Connection Interface

The smart pop-up connection interface is tailored for smartphones. This allows you to connect your device easily and instantly when you open the custom-built charging box.

It’s the little things like this that make me appreciate the Tecno Hipods H2 even more, they were able to connect seamlessly with both my Samsung phone and PC. Surprisingly, the Hipods H2 works well on the PC and packs an incredible sound quality.

After the earphones lose connection with the mobile phone over a long distance, the earphone enters into connection state and shuts down automatically if there is no connection in 3 minutes.

5. Stellar Battery Life 

When it comes to any electronics, good battery life is one of the most important qualities to have. Tecno Hipods packs a battery capacity of 45mAh on each earbud. And that has truly been excellently sufficient for me. The charging box has a battery capacity of 300mAh which charges the buds to full capacity in under two hours.

In a month of using the Hipods H2 earbuds, I have only plugged the charging box twice to charge so you shouldn’t be worried about battery when it comes to Tecno Hipods H2.

TECNO promises a playing time of up to 6 hours on 60% volume but I have managed to get around 5 hours 10 minutes on 60% which is very close to TECNO’s claim.

You can buy the TECNO Hipods H2 earbuds from Jumia Uganda for UGX 90,000.

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Do you have the Tecno Hipods H2 earbuds? Tell us in the comment section some of the features we missed and what you’re currently enjoying.


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