Access UNEB Past papers at this site

Late last year, a friend wanted to develop a web application that would provide past UNEB papers and a full Ugandan curriculum online. I don’t know what happened to his dream but I recently stumbled upon a website offering almost a similar service to the one he wanted to develop.

“ReviseNow is a FREE website providing past papers (examinations) content to primary, secondary, advanced or high school and university students.”.  On this website you will find past papers dating as way back as 1991.

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If you have never been there, I’ll give you a brief review before you head over there.


They have papers in four categories .i.e. Primary, O-Level, A-Level and Institutions/university.

Under primary they have papers from about 1991-2009 in some of the subjects, Math, SST, English and Science. O-level has the usual subjects of Physics, Biology, Math History. The A-level category contains only the General paper past papers from 1988 to 2008 while there are no papers at all under the institutions category (“coming soon”).

Great content, but annoying Ads

I was on the page for about ten minutes and since I wasn’t trying to revise for anything it is quite understandable if I tell you that I quickly got bored while there.
On the whole, you will get what you are looking for quite easily, most people will easily find the arrangement and navigation of the categories/subjects/past-papers quite easy to grasp.

I found two issues worth mentioning;

  1. The adverts spread across the page are a big distraction for anyone trying to revise. (But they bring in the money!).
  2. The inability to copy even a single question! Right clicking has been disabled on the page to stop you from copying their questions. Once you right click you get an alert message “This is ONLINE CONTENT MATERIAL – it is not subjected to copy”.  Seriously If all online content wasn’t subject to copying the world would have ended by now.
  3. The site doesn’t provide any answers.

Opportunity to improve

I don’t know if their goal is just to provide past papers or to be a revision channel.  Back when I was in school, I revised best through a question and answer approach. Do ten questions and then mark myself based on the results. Without answers, it’s mostly teachers who benefit from an arrangement of questions only. Of course there are those chaps who have read ‘book’ and just want to test their knowledge; these will find this site a great resource.

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On the whole I am quite excited at the potential this site possesses. If they can turn this website into an application with dynamic content and user interaction it has the potential to grow a lot faster and bigger. However, because of the annoying Ads that are destructive to the whole learning experience, we give the site a rating of 2.5/5.



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