3 Best Podcast App for Ubuntu Linux in 2021


There’s been a renewed interest in podcasts over the past few years. We recently shared our top picks for Podcasts, a list of content that will no doubt appeal to anyone in the tech space. We shall keep updating that list so be on the lookout for that and more.

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We know that Linux is not a niche ecosystem compared to Windows and macOS in terms of functionality while remaining untouched in terms of versatility. However, you can still get things done on the operating system.

So you’re into Podcasts but you’re a proud Linuxer. What options do you have at your disposal to take advantage of all the audio goodness? In this post, we shall take a look at a few of our top picks.

1. Spotify

You probably saw this coming, right? Well, Spotify is the world’s biggest audio streaming platform today and we saw the platform make its services in many African markets.

In the past few years, Spotify has invested a lot in Podcasts with the acquisition of platforms like Megaphone, Anchor, and Gimlet.

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Spotify has a standalone app for Linux that offers you access to all the Podcasts available on the platform and a number of Spotify-exclusives like the Joe Roggen Experience, the Michelle Obama Podcasts.

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You can have access to all these podcasts even on the free tier, so there’s really no excuse for not using Spotify on your Linux PC. To install, simply go to Spotify’s official download page or install it using the Snap code below.

snap install spotify

2. CPod

CPod is a simple podcast client for Linux, previously known as Cumulonimbus. This app boasts of a simple, beautiful design and my favorite bit is the ability to sort content by region and country.

The downside to this app is the inability to create an account to keep track of your subscriptions. This means that you might have to resubscribe to your podcasts after every reinstallation.

Also worth noting is that there are still some inherent bugs with the current release, bugs that should probably be addressed in subsequent builds. To install, you can simply open up your Terminal and type in the following code.

snap install cumulonimbus

3. Poddr

Poddr is yet another simple and stable podcast app for Linux. It is a little less feature-packed compared to CPod and a little less visually appealing but still retains all the functionality you’d ever need from a standalone podcast app.

The app boasts of a pretty healthy catalog of podcasts from across various channels across the web, including exclusive titles. To install Poddr on your Linux computer, simply paste the code below to your terminal.

snap install poddr

Enjoy Your Favorite Podcasts

By no means are these the only available Podcast apps for Linux. A quick search on the Snapcraft store will reveal a healthy mix of apps that support various distros.

What’s your go-to podcast app on mobile or PC? Tell us in the comments section below.

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