How to Share Tweets to Instagram Stories

Twitter is currently testing a feature that lets users share tweets directly to Instagram Stories. Lately, the platform has been adding a number of features that expand the value proposition for its users. Some examples of these include Twitter Spaces, Super follow, a Newsletter feature, and more.

This Instagram Stories integration must have stemmed from the fact that a lot of people share screenshots of random or viral tweets as posts and stories on Instagram. These screenshots usually garner a lot of engagement–sometimes, even more than the original tweet on Twitter. It only makes sense to create this cross-platform integration.

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The feature is actually a win for both platforms. For Twitter, content gets more reach and more eyeballs. While for Instagram, there’d be an increase in engagement and product usage as there’d be more content to interact with.

In this post, we’ll take you through the process of sharing tweets directly to your Instagram Stories.

Please note that this feature is still in its testing stages for iOS devices only.

Share Tweets on Instagram Stories

Follow the steps below to share your tweets to Instagram Stories directly.

  • Tap on the Share icon on a public tweet. Please note that protected tweets (usually from a locked account) cannot be shared.
share tweets to instagram stories
  • Tap on Instagram Stories located beneath the Instagram icon.
  • If you’re signed into your Instagram app on your device, it opens a new Story draft on the app.
  • The tweet to be shared appears as a sticker. You can move this around or resize it.
  • Share the tweet. You can also choose sharing preferences here–with a single person, a group of people, or all your followers.

In doing all of these, however, Twitter warns that any content or tweet shared and posted on Instagram may not reflect the current state of the content on Twitter. This is because the content will be governed by Instagram’s policies and rules. 

If you don’t see this feature yet, just hold on a bit, it’ll be made public in no time. If you do, let us know how easy it was for you to figure out in the comments section.

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