MIUI 13: Here’s what you should expect


Android 12 have been around for a while and no phone has the stable version yet which is unsurprisingly typical of the Android ecosystem. For smartphones with their own layer of UI like Xiaomi, the timeline to get the stable Android 12 OS (MIUI 13) is even longer unlike Google’s Pixel phones that are already on the third Android 12 Beta update compared to Xiaomi’s first which is soon to be released.

Nonetheless, not having a stock Android 12 OS means you get to enjoy whatever new features your OEM has baked into their custom UI.

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Whether you are using a Redmi, Black Shark or Poco phone, the MIUI is the Android skin you’ll get and for you, Android 12 corresponds to MIUI 13. That being said, MIUI 13 Beta is only available for high-end Xiaomi smartphones for now with MIUI 12.5 based on Android 11 still rolling out to eligible devices.

MIUI has been called an iPhone clone for Android and even recently hackers were able to run MIUI 11 on the iPhone SE. In segue, should we expect more iPhone-centric features on the MIUI 13? Continue reading to find out.

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MIUI 13 Features

  • Memory Extension: This is one of the most talked about feature labelled the ‘Memory Fusion Technology’ that will come with the MIUI 13 which is basically allowing you allocate up to 3GB virtual RAM from your internal storage . This is will come in handy for those with low RAM phones but it is advisable to use only if you have enough free storage space.
MIUI 13 Memory Extension
  • Revamped Control Center: Changes have also been made to the control center and you can’t just help but notice how more iOS-like it looks. You can also expect the Android 12’s Kill Switch and Privacy Dashboard feature to be included here.
  • New Animation: A common feature of Chinese brands is how animation is very common in their phone’s UI and Xiaomi is no different. The MIUI 13 will come with more animated customizations for you to play with.
  • More Fonts and Icons: Although you can get icons and fonts from third party themes or packs, Xiaomi is choosing to natively include more fonts and icons so you can customize your device how you want it.
  • Reduced Ads and new sytem app design: The MIUI has been criticized in the past because of the bloatware and ads encouuntered by its users. With the MIUI 13, XIaomi is planning to cut back on the ads and offer a new look for sytems apps like you have in the image of the File Manager leaked below.
  • Gaming in floating windows
  • Improved scrolling screenshot
  • General improvement of user interface

Update: Leaked screenshots from MIUI 13 have shown floating widgets that are somewhat like the type on iOS. This is a reality we have seen much too often on MIUI with iOS-like features being added to their Android skin from time to time. Here is a look at the leaked image below.

A leaked screenshot of the floating widget on MIUI 13 (Source: Mi Community)

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Source: Bald Panda, Weibo.

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