Airtel Smart Plans Explained: All You Need to Know Before You Sign Up

Airtel Smart Plan

You’re not alone in feeling your wallet a little lighter lately; everything seems to be more costly this year, technology included. But that needn’t be when it comes to stretching for data bundles and offers as Airtel Uganda has launched a new Airtel Smart Plans targeted at SMEs and families to help customers enjoy voice, data, and SMS bundles in a single package.

With every new offer, promo, or deal, there seem to be more questions than answers usually. We have taken the liberty to curate for you all you need to know about the product. In this guide, you will learn how to buy the Airtel Smart Plans, the different packages, and the perks that come up with signing up for a bouquet. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Airtel Smart Plans is a postpaid data plan designed to enable customers that need to consolidate their communication solutions for calls, SMS, and data. The product comes in two packages i.e. Gold and Platinum package tailored with a fixed bill for data, SMS, and voice and the ability to share the purchased data with up to 4 people.

The additional bonuses that come when you buy either package for the smart plan are that you are given 30 days of free trial to Showmax Mobile and Airtel TV for you to binge-watch live sports content and movies.

Here is the breakdown of the Airtel Smart Plans packages and their price;

Airtel Smart Plans Packages

 Gold PackagePlatinum Package
Data Bundles 75GB150GB
Voice Minutes2000 minutes2000 minutes
SMS Bundles1000 sms1000 sms
Price (UGX)150,000shs250,000shs
Offers30 Days Free Showmax Mobile

30 Days Airtel TV Subscription
30 Days Free Showmax Mobile

30 Days Airtel TV Subscription

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How to Buy Airtel Smart Plans Packages

Unlike similar offers from other telecom companies, you can self onboard to the airtel smart plans package.

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Step One: Dail *188# and choose option 3 for “Airtel Smart Plans”
Step Two: Choose option 1 to Activate the plan and choose between self or agent activation to proceed.
Step Three: Select the package you want between the Gold and Platinum packages.
Step Four: Enter your email and finish the transaction by making payments either through your Airtel Money wallet or Airtime.

How to Share Airtel Smart Plans Bundles

Here are the steps on how you can smart plans bundles from Airtel;

Step One: Dail *188# and choose Option 3 for “Airtel Smart Plans”
Step Two: Choose Option 4 to Activate the activate Tugabane.
Step Three: You can choose to add, check or deactivate the family and friends’ phone numbers.
Step Four: Enter the contact number of the person you will like to share the Smart Plans bundles with and you are good to go. Keep in mind, that you can share your package with up to 4 numbers.

What are your thoughts regarding the Airtel Smart plan? Is it a service you intend to try out? Let us know in the comment section if you need us to review or share more insights regarding the product offering from Airtel.

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