How to reset your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO Smartwatch

redmi watch 2 lite

Smartphones are cool and crazy powerful today, making them ever so useful and capable. But the same smartphone form factor has been with us for the better part of the last decade. On the side, we’ve seen tons of other supporting devices, one of the most notable ones being the Smartwatch.

The Apple Watch continues to be the go-to smartwatch for anyone in the market for one of these whiles in the Apple ecosystem. Outside that walled garden, there are tons of other players and one of the main ones is Xiaomi.

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Xiaomi smartwatches manage to strike a delicate balance between performance and usefulness, with great battery performance, and most importantly for these auxiliary devices, price. We have curated a list of Xiaomi Smartwatches and you can check it in the link below.


Over the period of ownership of your smartwatch, you will come across instances where you might have installed more watch faces than your watch might be comfortable running, or maybe you will run into an issue with the watch’s system, one that requires a reset.

A more common scenario is when you want to delink your Xiaomi smartwatch from your Xiaomi profile so you can sell it or give it out to someone else.

In this post, we shall be talking you through the simple process of resetting your Xiaomi Smartwatch to factory settings so you start off from a clean slate.

How to Reset your Xiaomi Smartwatch

Now, Xiaomi uses its proprietary software on its smartwatches and this system might be slightly different from model to model but the basic concept should be the same.

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In this Demo, I will be using the Redmi Watch 2 Lite to show you how to reset your Xiaomi Smartwatch

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and select Systems
  • In the resulting power menu, select Reset
  • Confirm that you’d like to Erase all Data

And that’s it! Your Xiaomi Smartwatch should not reboot to the setup screen. From there, you can ask the new owner to install the Mi Fitness app and proceed with the pairing process.

This process should work with the Xiaomi Smartwatches, Poco Watches, Redmi Watches, and many other products that use the Mi Fitness app, including some supported Mi Bands.

Anything else you’d like to learn how to do on your Xiaomi watch? Tell us in the comments section below.


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