How to Send Please Call Me on Airtel Kenya

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In Kenya, most mobile subscribers are on the prepaid plan which means that they have to top up their lines with airtime before they are able to access carrier services like calls, SMS and data.

In the event of lack of credit or airtime, you are effectively incapacitated as you won’t be able to access any of these carrier services and can’t get in touch with your family, friends or loved ones unless they call you.

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So what happens when you need to reach out but you don’t have airtime on your phone? Well, in Kenya, most carriers have a feature that allows subscribers to request for a call from other phone users in the country.

In this post, we quickly show you how to send a Please Call Me message fro your Airtel Kenya phone number.

How to send a Please Call Me on Airtel Kenya

To do this, simply follow the following simple steps.

  • On your Airtel phone, dial *100# and select option 6, kopa and other services.
  • Select option 2, call me back.
  • Enter the mobile number that you would wish to send the please call me request to and click send.
  • You will receive a notification from airtel informing you that the request has been sent to the said number.

And that’s basically it. That is how you send a please call me on Airtel. This can be useful to not only get your loved ones to call you, but also to find out the phone number of the Airtel line that you have in your possession should you want to top it up remotely.

Also worth noting is that unlike Telkom and Safaricom, Airtel’s Please Call Me messages can be sent to any carrier within Kenya so you’re not just limited to Airtel numbers alone.

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