Infinix Zero Ultra 5G With 180W Thunder Charging: Here’s What We Know

Earlier this year, Infinix announced their latest fast charging technology, the 180W Thunder Charge. Lo and behold, Infinix has just teased the first phone that will support it. Through Infinix’s official store on Ali Express, a video was released to introduce the Infinix Zero Ultra 5G.

The reveal confirms that the new device will not only pioneer the 180W Thunder Charge technology but also come with a 200MP main camera with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS).

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More Infinix Zero Ultra 5G Specs

Additionally, the rear camera setup includes 2 more sensors while the front selfie camera is a single punch-hole design. The display is a 6.8″ FHD 2.5D curved OLED capable of 120Hz refresh rate. The controversial feature at the moment is the Dimensity 920 chipset from Mediatek which is rated for either a 108MP single camera or two 20MP sensors. This does raise questions as to how the 200MP is being handled, a dedicated ISP perhaps?

Image Courtesy: SamMobile

Alternatively, and more probable, is the usual upscaling antics without real hardware support for the claimed resolution. Storage-wise, the new Zero Ultra flaunts 256 GB of internal storage and 8 GB of RAM. As you would expect, the Infinix Zero Ultra 5G has a USB-C Port and two sim card slots. The battery capacity was not made clear but it will most likely be 4,500 mAh. Similar to the prototype announced in June this year.

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The 180W Thunder Charging

This new fast charging technology from Infinix is unlike the 160W Ultra Fast Charge they unveiled last year as a prototype. This new 180W Thunder Charge has just been released to the market with the new Infinix Zero Ultra 5G flagship smartphone.

According to Infinix, the objective of the Thunder Charge is to get a 4500mAh battery from 0% to 50% in under five minutes. The trick here is to divide the battery system into two 8C batteries and connect them in series.

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To put this new milestone from Infinix in perspective let’s have a look at how the competitors are fairing. Below is a tabulated comparison of the most recent flagship phones released in the past year by top manufacturers.

PhoneBattery SizeCharging speedPercentage charged after 30 minutes
OnePlus 10 Pro5000 mAh65W (US charging speed)93%
OnePlus 10T4800 mAh150W100% (20 minutes)
Pixel 6 Pro5000 mAh23W40%
iPhone 14 Pro3200 mAh20W57%
iPhone 14 Pro Max4352 mAh20W42%
Galaxy S22 Ultra5000 mAh45W70%
Galaxy Z Fold 44400 mAh25W50%
Galaxy Z Flip 43700 mAh25W54%

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Normal vs Furious Mode

This ensures that each battery has to handle 90W of power. There will also be a reduced power charging mode i.e the Normal Mode and then the Furious Mode. The Furious Mode is what charges at maximum speed, just like we saw with the Infinix Note 12 VIP.

The normal mode is intended to keep temperatures down but still charge the device decently fast. Hence prolonging the life of the battery. When charging at maximum speeds, there are multiple layers of protection to minimize heat generation.

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Thunder Charging Safety Features

The first of such is the reduction of the battery’s internal resistance by more than 50%. This was achieved by switching to a multi-electrode lug design. Additionally, the two 8C batteries are charged by three charge pumps boasting 99% efficiency.

These measures help reduce the heat being generated but they are not good enough as safety measures. This is where the system’s 111 software and hardware mechanisms come in to look out for measurables.

These measurables are the likes of increased voltage, high temperatures, and electromagnetic interference, just to name a few. The charging process is terminated if any of them reports data, not within prescribed limits. There are about 20 temperature sensors distributed to key locations such as the battery, charging chips, and the USB port.

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To ensure the cable in use can handle 180W of power, Infinix uses a special encryption chip to authenticate a connected cable. The Infinix charger can be used with other cables to charge other gadgets. However, the power output will be limited to either 60W or 100W. Infinix’s new Thunder Charge has a Safe Fast-Charge System certification from TÜV Rheinland

Featured Image Courtesy: GSMARENA

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