Here are the Reduced Netflix Prices in Kenya in 2023

In a recent move to expand its reach in Africa, Netflix has announced a reduction in subscription prices in several countries, including Kenya. According to reports from Advanced Television, the new prices will take effect immediately, and they will also apply to existing subscribers.

According to reports, the new prices will see the Basic plan go down by Ksh 200, the Standard plan by Ksh 300 and the Premium plan by Ksh 400. These price cuts are expected to make Netflix more affordable and accessible to more viewers in the region.

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Netflix’s move is a response to the growing competition in the streaming market in Africa. The company faces stiff competition from regional players like Showmax, StarTimes, and iROKOtv, which have been aggressively expanding their services in the region. Netflix hopes that the price cuts will help it gain an edge over its competitors and attract more subscribers.


For viewers, the price cuts mean that they can enjoy their favorite shows and movies on Netflix without breaking the bank. The reduction in prices also comes at a time when many people are spending more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and streaming services have become a popular form of entertainment.

Netflix Prices in Kenya in 2023

  • Mobile: KES 200 from KES 300
  • Basic: KES 300 from KES 700
  • Standard: KES 700 from KES 1100
  • Premium: KES 1100 from KES 1450
PlanOld PriceNew Price
MobileKES 300KES 200
BasicKES 700KES 300
StandardKES 1100KES 700
PremiumKES 1450KES 1100

Netflix Prices in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Mobile: USD 2.99 from 3.99
  • Basic: USD 3.99 from 7.99
  • Standard: USD 7.99 from 9.99
  • Premium: USD 9.99 from 11.99

“We’re always exploring ways to improve our members’ experience on Netflix. We know members have never had more choices when it comes to entertainment – and we’re more committed than ever to delivering an experience that doesn’t just meet, but exceeds their expectations.”

Netflix in a statement


However, it’s worth noting that even with the price cuts, Netflix’s subscription plans are still relatively more expensive compared to some of its competitors. For instance, Showmax charges Ksh 380 for its mobile plan, Ksh 760 for its standard plan, and Ksh 1,050 for its premium plan. StarTimes also has subscription plans that are much cheaper than Netflix’s.

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In conclusion, Netflix’s decision to cut subscription prices in Africa is a significant development that could help the company attract more viewers and remain competitive in the region. For viewers, the price cuts are good news as they can now access Netflix’s content at more affordable prices. However, it remains to be seen whether the price cuts will be enough to help Netflix fend off competition from regional players and retain its position as the leading streaming service in the region.


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