The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need in 2023

nintendo switch accessories

The Nintendo Switch is a very versatile console that you can enjoy at home or when you’re on the go. However, like most devices, you’ll need certain essential accessories to help you maximize your Nintendo Switch and the gaming experience with it. 

From the must-haves like a screen protector to more specific accessories like a controller, we’ve got it covered. So whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, there’s something for everyone on this list. Here are the best Nintendo Switch accessories we recommend in 2023.

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Nintendo Switch Controller

Primarily designed for Nintendo, this wireless pro controller is a functional accessory especially when you play a lot on the TV. It’s compatible with the Switch, Switch Lite and OLED. Thanks to the non-slip design, you don’t have to worry about sweating on your palms. 

nintendo switch controller

You also get a joystick if you’d prefer this type of remote switch. We love that it comes with an adjustable turbo vibration and gyro sensor. The vibration feedback is very helpful so you’re fully immersed in motion-sensing games.

12-in-1 Switch Sports Accessories Bundle

This bundle is excellent value for money especially for large households. This is because you get a kit for sports games. Use it to enhance your gaming and simulation experience. 

switch sports accessories

You get accessories like golf clubs, tennis rackets, sword grips, volleyball wristbands, comfort grip cases and so much more. The best part is that you can use these without any signal delay or interference. 

Charger for Nintendo Switch, Lite & OLED

Don’t just purchase a random charger, instead get this particular model that comes with a support dock mode and an updated charging port. It’s a high-speed charger so you’re sure of a faster charging time, and it also ensures you can play on TV. 

nintendo switch charger

We love that it also prioritizes your device’s safety. The AC charger provides short-circuit, over-voltage and over-heating protection. Finally, you don’t have to worry about where you plug it in. Thanks to the extra long type C cable. 

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Wrist Strap for Your Switch Joy-con

This 2-pack Lanyard is a strap that attaches to your Joy-Con when you’re playing motion-based games. Asides from offering you additional security, it makes it easier to press the SL and SR buttons. 

wrist joycon

With this strap, you can hold your Joy-Con better and easily control your gaming experience. It’s also water-resistant and very durable so you don’t have to worry about it snapping.

Power A Joy-Con Comfort Grips

Now if you don’t want to get the wrist straps, we highly recommend opting for these rubber grips. Since you’ll be playing a lot, this grip brings both controllers together as one so you can play for as long as you want. 

power A joycon grips

They provide comfort during your gaming experience by ensuring that you don’t get cramps in your fingers. To use, simply slides in the covers to secure your Joy-Con. We love that it’s shock-resistant and you get player indicator lights as you’d ordinarily do.

Switch Games Organizer Station with Controller Charger

This 2-in-1 device is another value for money especially if you’d like to keep your game area tidy. It comes with a large storage space that can hold 12 game cards, 16 game cases, and two Pro controllers. In addition to this, you also get a fast charging dock that can charge 4 Joycons within two hours. 

organizer station

You can also track the charging level with the LED indicators so you know when it’s still charging or fully charged. Unfortunately, you can only use this dock for your Nintendo Switch and OLED.

HEIYING Game Card Case

If you have a lot of game cards or memory cards for your Nintendo Switch, this is a portable case that’ll help you keep things in order. It has 24 game card slots and 24 micro SD card slots. This means you never have to worry about where you kept a particular card. 

heiting game case

The case is made from ABS plastic and soft silicon so it’s pretty durable and water resistant. You also have a very responsive clasp that makes it easy to open and close. 

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Storage Travel Case for Nintendo Switch

Going on a trip soon? Protect your Switch and other accessories with this hard messenger bag. It has multiple storage for the Switch, a controller, a Switch dock, a charging grip, an AC adapter and more. There’s also an interior mesh pocket for HDMI cable and Joy-Con straps. 

storage travel case

Since the shell case is very hard, you don’t have to worry about scratches, dust, bumps and water splashes or drops on your device. The liner inside is also very soft so you’re sure your accessories aren’t scratching each other. 

Nintendo Switch Case and Pouch

An accessory list isn’t complete without a fun cover to go with it. If you love the super mario game, then this cute character cover should definitely be in your cart. It’s a protective shell for your device and it’s compatible with the Nintendo Switch controller. 

nintendo switch case and pouch

The best part about it is that it isn’t heavy so you can still carry your game around without worrying about any extra weight.

TFY Car Headrest Holder for Nintendo Switch

So what happens when you’re on a road trip or on a long flight and you’d like to play a game with your controller? That’s where this headrest comes in. You can play games hands-free and operate the remote controller instead. You have access to the buttons and screens without unnecessary hassle. 

car headrest holder

We love that it has silicon-holding nets that’ll protect the edges of your Nintendo Switch. The straps around the headrest are also light so your driver won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable the whole ride. It’s an excellent accessory especially when you have kids.

SuperGuardZ Screen Protector for OLED

Since a Nintendo Switch is primarily a handheld gaming device, like your phones and tablets, it means the screen is always at risk. If you have the OLED model, you’d definitely need to protect it even more. 


This SuperGuardZ protector comes with a lifetime replacement warranty and that’s why it makes it to this list. It’s anti-bubble, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and shatterproof. We also love that it has anti-blue light filters. This way it also helps you reduce eye fatigue and strain during gaming.

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And that brings us to the end of this list. We hope you’ve found this guide useful in finding the best Nintendo Switch accessories you need. Do share this post with your friends and family who might need this too.

Disclaimer: We might get a commission for some of the products we recommend here, but this doesn’t affect our editorial policy


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