How to set up Blink Outdoor 4 Camera: A step by step Guide

Blink Outdoor 4 camera

The Blink Outdoor 4 is a popular wireless security camera and a product from Amazon. However, its setup process might seem unconventional compared to some other wireless cameras. For that reason, we’ve created a comprehensive step-by-step guide that covers everything from initial setup to configuring your camera settings. But before diving into the setup process, let’s explore how your Blink Outdoor Camera 4 actually works. The system consists of two key components:

The Blink Camera: This captures video footage and sends it to the Sync Module.

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The Blink Sync Module: This acts as the bridge between your camera and your Wi-Fi router, allowing you to access your security feed from anywhere. Each Sync Module can handle up to ten devices and operates on a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection.

Blink Outdoor Cameras themselves don’t have built-in Wi-Fi. Instead, the Sync Module acts as a middleman, relaying information between your camera and your router. This is crucial for setting up your camera and using it with the Blink app.

Set Up the Blink Sync Module 2

  • Download and create an account with Blink.
  • Open the Blink App: Under devices, tap on No Sync Module: Add one. Alternatively, tap the + icon in the top-right corner and choose “Sync Module”
  • Scan or Enter Code: Scan the QR code on the back of your Sync Module or manually enter the serial code.
  • Name Your System: Give your Blink system a name and tap Done.
  • Wait for Lights: The Sync Module will flash blue with a steady green light. Tap “Discover Device” when this happens.
  • Join Wi-Fi: Tap “Join” on the Blink network that appears (starts with BLINK-XXXX).
  • Connect to Home Network: Choose your Wi-Fi network, enter your password, and wait for the connection to establish.
  • Module Added: You’ll receive a notification confirming the Sync Module is added. Tap “Done.”

Note: If you have a Sync Module 2, you don’t need a Blink subscription plan to record motion clips. You can add local storage using a pen drive/ flash drive. However, a Sync Module 1 requires a subscription since it lacks local storage.

2. Add Cameras to Your System

  • Insert Batteries: Unscrew the back panel of the camera and insert the included batteries. Use the provided tool or a flat-head screwdriver or cutlery if you must.
  • Add New Device: Tap the + icon in the Blink app and choose “Wireless Cameras.”
  • Scan QR Code: Open the battery compartment and scan the QR code inside. Screw the backplate back on securely.
  • Select System: Choose the system you want to add the camera to.
  • Camera Added: The app will notify you if the camera is found and added successfully. Tap “Next.”

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3. Mount Your Camera

  • Choose Location: Blink’s suggestions can help you choose the best location for your camera.
  • Mounting Options: The camera includes mounting hardware for screwing or using the no-drill method.
  • No-Drill Option: Slide the no-drill mount onto the camera. Hang the camera on a hook or in between slats.
  • Screw Mount: Screw the mount into place and then slide the camera onto the bracket.

4. Customize Settings

  • Open the Blink App: Select your camera and access the settings menu.
  • Adjust Motion Detection: Adjust sensitivity, zones, and recording duration.
  • Set Notifications: Choose how you want to be notified about motion events.
  • Live View and Two-Way Audio: View the live feed, talk to visitors, and listen to audio.

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