You can now pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S7 from Airtel Uganda. Check out an S6 Vs. S7 specs comparison

As of today, all fans of the Samsung Galaxy S7 can now pre-order the device on Airtel.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s latest flagship device already receiving awesome reviews from leading tech blogs around the world.  Check out the S6 Vs. S7 comparison below to see what exactly makes the two devices different.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs. S7 – What is really different

Some key differences between between the S6 and S7

  • S7 has a duo SIM variant while the S6 has only a single SIM
  • S7 has a 72.1% screen to body ratio compared the S6’s 70.9%
  • S7 has an expandable memory of up to 200GB while the S6 has no expandable memory.
  • The S7 has 4GB RAM while the S6 has 3GB RAM
  • The S7 has a 3000 mAh battery against the S6’s 2550 mAh battery.
  • better camera and to top it up,
  • The S7 is dust proof and water resistant while the S6 is not.
  • S7 has a 12MP camera touted to be better than the 16MP S6 camera (We cant tell till the reviews)
  • The S7 is 14g heavier and 1.1mm bigger than the S6

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price on Airtel Uganda

We are not sure what the price for the coveted 2016 flagship will be. We can estimate that it will be between Ugx 2,500,000 – Ugx 3,000,000.

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