Smile Uganda launches Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) allows customers make crystal clear calls over the internet

Smile Uganda yesterday launched their Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service – Smile Voice – and also Smile Unlimited to it’s customers in Uganda. Smile spent the better part of 2015 testing this service which is now ready. It also recently introduced their Unlimited Internet offering which is now official.

Mrs Beatrice Kiraso, Chairperson, Smile Uganda said;

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Smile is the first mobile operator in East Africa to develop and introduce Voice over LTE, plus a world first free Voice over LTE mobile application that enables all our customers in Uganda with Android and iPhone devices to experience high quality voice calls over Smile’s network. We are committed to improving the quality of voice and data services in Uganda, and with Smile Voice, our customers can call anyone locally and internationally just like on any other mobile phone.

Smile Uganda VoLTE service

Smile Uganda is the first operator in East Africa to offer Voice over LTE to its customers giving them access to a fast growing global standard for voice and Video calling. Smile Voice comes in two forms; A mobile app or a VoLTE capable handset (Like latest Samsung devices) with a Smile SIM card. The App is available for both Android and iOS allowing users make super clear calls over Smile’s 4G LTE network.

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To use Smile Voice, customers have to acquire and register a Smile SIM card and active Smile data services. When out of range, the Smile Voice App will enable calls from any device that is connected to the Internet via 3G or Wi-Fi at home or abroad. The best thing is that customers who make calls when travelling abroad will be charged their local rates as if they were calling home.

Smile Uganda will also be selling VoLTE enables phones to help their customers use or experience the service.

Smile Uganda Unlimited Internet

With the recently announced round of funding, Smile Uganda has been on a massive expansion project to cover more of Uganda with their 4G LTE network. Now covering 15 towns from 3, Smile recently introduced unlimited Internet which they officially launched today as well. Customers can now enjoy unlimited 4G LTE internet for 30 days. Of course Unlimited is subject to fair use policy (FUP) but Smile promises that connectivity will be maintained throughout the 30 day period.

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The Ugandan Market – Are we ready for VoLTE?

We are yet to test the service and show you how it works plus the pros and cons in comparison to available options. According to UCC there are 3.5M smartphones and 7.8M Internet enabled devices in Uganda. We also now have 20.2M mobile subscribers with a 60% teledensity. We talked to David Okwii an internet entrepreneur who believes that the time is right for services like VoLTE. It may take time to achieve mass adoption but early adopters are already taking a swing at this. If Internet penetration, access and affordability continue to grow at this pace, then we are surely on track.



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