Kisafi, Kenya’s on-demand laundry startup soon launching in Uganda. Is offering free first order and hiring

Step aside Yoza, Kisafi is gearing to be the new kid on the block. The laundry and home cleaning service space just got an new player and if we are to believe what the Kisafi crew says on their website, this could be a game changer. Kisafi (Swahili for ‘It is clean’) launched in Kenya back in April 2016 and offers home cleaning services (general cleaning of living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms). The laundry services (which include dry cleaning) come with free pickup and delivery with a 24-48hr time lapse. What’s more, Kisafi is offering a free first order! That alone is incentive enough for most guys to check out this startup.

Placing an order can happen any of two ways. You can head over the the Kisafi website and directly place in your order, or alternatively, you can download their android app on the Play Store. There’s no mention of iOS or Windows Phone so we will assume those platforms aren’t supported as of yet.

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Not to be confused with the Kifesi crew, Kisafi’s pro cleaners report to duty with body cameras like those American cops to ensure extra safety and quality control. According to their website Kisafi partners with city cleaners to provide competitive prices, offering between 30% and 50% off regular city rates.

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Kisafi was co-founded by FO Odunuga and Janet Otieno with the backing of angel investors in Lagos and New York. Other team members are Sarah Nakintu as co-creator and Neeraj Sharma, the advisor. Janet Otieno is quoted saying: “See us as the Uber for laundry and home cleaning. Our users request premium laundry pickup and drop off and low cost home cleaning services with a tap of the button…” And indeed, the laundry service bears similarities with Uber, only with a different clientele.

We downloaded the Android app and a quick signup is best via Facebook or Gmail. You might want to hold off downloading the app yet. We were disappointed to discover that the pricing is still in Kenyan shillings and the area coverage has Kenyan suburbs. We suppose these are some of the things being adjusted for the Uganda market.

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Kisafi laundry and home cleaning

As a startup, we are keen to observe how Kisafi is going to navigate the Ugandan market. The other service in comparison is Yoza and the service has been lackluster despite the monopoly. In that regard, Kisafi will surely give them a run for their money. The biggest selling point at this rate will be pricing (we are very keen to know the pricing) and service delivery. Millenials as a rule are not big on laundry and home cleaning. They also don’t have wads of cash lying around waiting to be spent, so both Kisafi and Yoza should enjoy mass adoption under a conducive business environment. We are eager to try them out, so watch this space.

Before we forget, Kisafi is also hiring. To paraphrase here, The startup is on the lookout for full-time and part-time individuals passionate about technology, marketing, operating, delivery and obviously cleaning. Might we add that you should be tech savvy as well? Tossing in your CV and getting the free first order all require one to be online. Kisafi has no phone number for one to reach them. Yet.


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