5 data tips and tricks every Vodafone Uganda customer must know to make the most of their internet

As data becomes a daily expenditure or a permanent budget item for many, how to get the best of that data becomes paramount. We are all looking for the best internet package or bundle and continuously seeking ways to get the most value for our hard earned money.

Since internet is now used for work, home and lifestyle; staying connected to our family and friends, clients and opportunities becomes vital. This involves, finding the best package that suits your needs, managing your usage so that you stay on budget, being able to top up or renew conveniently and most importantly, getting help swiftly when you need it. Here are 5 data tips and tricks that Vodafone Uganda customers can take advantage of to get the most of their data/internet packages.

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Tip 1: Finding the best Data bundle/Package

We all have different needs. Most needs revolve around cost, speed, volume, validity, coverage, flexibility and convenience. While looking for an appropriate data package, try Vodafone Uganda’s Data Calculator to help you estimate your consumption. Vodafone Uganda has a wide range of daily, weekly and monthly bundles to choose from with all bundles  carefully crafted to suite the unique needs of customers. So whether you are business, an entrepreneur, an SME or an individual Vodafone Uganda has an internet package for you. Here are some of the packages.

 Volume ValidityPrice
Daily bundles
100MB24 hrs2000
400MB24 hrs7000
1GBMidnight to 6am2500
Weekly Bundles
1GB7 days20000
200MB7 days6000
Monthly Bundles
500MB30 days20000
1GB30 days35000
2GB30 days50000
5GB30 days90000
10GB 30 days125000
10GB30 days (Evening & Weekend)60000
20GB30 days220000
40GB30 days330000
80GB 30 days450000

We all love Promos/Special Offers that give us more for less (don’t be shy)

Tip 2: How to manage your Vodafone Uganda data usage

I know we have all complained before about how fast our data runs out. Some of us even cuss the customer care personnel and swear further action if they aren’t given a satisfactory explanation. After doing the same myself, I figured out ways on how to monitor and manage my data usage. This way, I can know when there is an anomaly or if my consumption has increased.

  • My Vodafone App/Self-care Web Portal

The My Vodafone app (available for Android and iOS) can do a host of things. One of them is monitoring data usage by showing your data balance in real time. It also shows how many people or devices are connected to your MiFi or router.

The Vodafone Self Care Web Portal: This shows your data balance, usage history and so much more.

For businesses, you can access the panel to your MiFi or router that provides advanced management controls like black/white listing  websites, devices or users, setting data quotas among others.

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  • Inbuilt data monitors and optimisers for Android and iOS

Depending on the model/version of phone or operating system, you will find an inbuilt data monitor  app that helps you keep track of your data usage. It will show you your usage per app so you know what is consuming the most data.

Tip 3: Where to top up your Vodafone Uganda Airtime/Data

Customers can Top Up airtime and data from any of the Vodafone partners (over 4,700 partner locations and growing) Some of them include, PayWay, Pebuu, NewPay, PesaPal, Ug Mart, Yo Uganda, Quickteller, True African, Micro Pay, Intelworld, Tradelance, Selcom, Shell petrol stations and DSTV outlets

Tip 4: Knowing Vodafone Uganda Coverage

There are 2 ways: The first is using the Vodafone Coverage Map on their website. Those who aren’t well conversant with maps can call the Vodafone Uganda toll free line (0800 700 500), send a Facebook or Twitter DM or WhatsApp requesting for specific coverage. Lastly, you can visit the Vodafone Uganda stores to speak to a care agent.

Tip 5: How to get help/Access Vodafone Uganda customer care

Getting in touch with Vodafone Uganda for customer care is quite easy. The fastest way I know is Twitter especially for those on social media. On Twitter and Facebook, they give you an almost instant response to whatever your issue may be. They also have WhatsApp customer care line (0723000723) that you can use to reach them.

Another way is to use the My Vodafone App to chat with customer care or you can call the Vodafone Uganda call center on 0800 700 500 or 0800 700 888 for corporate customers


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