Infinix Mobile is organizing a Brand Awareness March within Kampala. There are lots of gifts to give away.

Feature phones are slowly phasing out of sight on Kampala streets, with even retailers no longer investing their capital in them, giving smartphones the lee way to penetrate the population majority. A number of stakeholders can be identified in the smartphone industry, but provision of sleek devices at an affordable rate stands out for many.  This is where Infinix takes the lead.

This Saturday 23rd September, Infinix Mobile is to hold a brand awareness band march on the streets of Kampala,  where they look to make an active interaction with fans and the entire public on their products and accessories.

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What is the march all about? 

Infinix reliably informs us that the main intent of the march, besides other things, is for brand visibility and to facilitate user brand connection.

Where as we presume that the public knows about Infinix smartphones,  a section of them often mistake it to be high end and an expensive brand. Infinix looks to open the eyes of such individuals,  through one-on-one interactions, and hands on experience.

The public is welcome to march with the Infinix team, to come and experience Infinix phones, as well as to provide answers to all your questions about the brand.

All the devices available on the market will be presented to the public for view,  including the new devices such as the Hot 5 and the Note 4.

Route plan

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Led by a sounding band, the procession is expected to start at the Wandegeya traffic lights,  through Bombo road, Kampala road,  Jinja road, with the final destination being Lugogo Game mall.

What to expect

Expect to get some devices at half price, and there will also be a spinwheel that guarantees you lots of gifts to walk away with.

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This is a part of the ongoing Unfinished offline shop promotions where customers are given products at a give away price.

This week’s promotions are at Berries, Micromax, Gadget Store – On Kampala Road; and Banana Phone World – Nandos, Show room, Luwum street.



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