How to Pause, Rewind and Forward Live TV on your Kwesé PVR decoder.


There are always moments when a live television broadcast finds you in your busiest hour, yet you would not wish to miss a second of it. This is when the PVR decoder function becomes a necessity.

A PVR, short for Personal Video Recorder, is an interactive TV recording device built in a set-top box with the capability to record and play back television programs and store them in digital form for which you can later pause, rewind, stop, or fast-forward the recorded program.

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For the Kwesé decoder PVR functionality, you can pause Live TV allowing you to rewind if you want and to schedule recordings of your favorite TV shows. The size of recordings are limited to the size of the external disk you are to use since it doesn’t come with on-board storage for the recordings. So, one has to connect an external Hard Drive of reasonable size via rear USB port on the decoder.

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How is it done?

All you need is a flash disk of at least 4GB. You have to ensure that the flash does not have any important information, otherwise it may be lost in the process. Plug it in the back port of the decoder, and it will bring an notification that a memory drive has been added and ask you if it should be formatted.
Press the button OPT on the remote and this will format the flash, and once the format is completed, PVR will automatically start working.
Then you can pause, Forward and rewind your live TV broadcasts just as you wish.
Please note that the rewind will only work up to the point the memory stick became usable.


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